Liverpool tickets up for grabs!

In conjunction with Foul!'s first year anniversary, two avid readers will walk away with one Liverpool Premier ticket worth RM258 each.

The Kop will play the Malaysian team at the National Stadium in Bukit Jalil tomorrow (5.45pm).

Answer the three simple questions below and send them to (subject Liverpool FC) before July 16, 2011 (10.00am).

The best part...there is NO slogan!

1. How many times has Liverpool won the League?

2. Name the two individuals instrumental in setting up Liverpool FC in 1892.

3. What was the score between Liverpool and Chinese club Guangdong Sunray Cave played on July 13, 2011 in China?

To ensure fairplay, one person is only entitled to win one ticket. The two correct answers to reach Foul! the soonest will walk away with the tickets.

Please include your full name, IC no and contact number to enable us to contact you and pass you the tickets as soon as possible.

Note: We're based in Ampang therefore ticket collection will be done in and around the area. All decisions made by Foul! are final.

HD says: All the best!


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