Malaysia 3 Liverpool 6

What was more memorable?

The fact Liverpool finally played in front of their ardent fans in Malaysia?

Or the brilliant free kick by national captain Safiq Rahim and the two fantastic goals by Safee Sali?

I know my answer.

Ada kelas! screamed Berita Harian while NST's headline was Hot strikers, sloppy defenders.

HD says: And now for the rumble in the jungle - Malaysia v Singapore (pre-World Cup).


  1. Match was entertaining yes. but u should have been there to see the crowd at the media bow and media centre.

    full of stan chart ppl (nothing to do with media) who were around. PC was croweded by their corporate stadd from M'sia and Indon.

    As expected the left the pc when steve clarke and charlie adam left the room.

    Could see who was bothered bout Malaysia!

    Even food meant for media pun dioarang makan!


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