When parents go wrong

Ah parents.

Some are fun, some are over-protective.

Some can get annoying.

But they are parents and we love them no matter what.

Nevertheless, there is a need for parents to realise - their children have wants and needs too.

From the Sidelines today speaks about Parenting gone wrong.

I'm no parenting expert but I hope my children - if I have any - will enjoy life to the fullest.

The foot note to my column was surprisingly missing from the online version. It read:

Haresh Deol is a Senior Journalist with The Malay Mail. He vows to teach his children how to climb trees, swim in a river and play bare footed on a field in the name of fun. He blogs at www.hareshdeol.blogspot.com and receives brickbats at haresh@mmail.com.my

On another note, Wilson Raj Perumal is sentenced to two years in prison.

HD says: Life's all about having fun.


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