UPDATE (9.12pm): Taiwan 3 Malaysia 2. I'm sure you watched the match...you be the judge.

National coach K.Rajagobal is facing uncertainty tonight when his lads take on Taiwan in the return leg of the 1st round Pre-World Cup qualifiers. NST's Devinder Singh has the story here.

But Rajagobal isn't the only one with a headache.

Back home, PKNS and Sarawak are also uncertain about their future in the M-League next season.

Both teams, despite having finished first and second in the Premier League respectively, are still unsure if they will make the cut to the Super League.

Read K.Rajan's report in today's The Star. He wrote:

But this is Malaysia, or rather the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM), that we are talking about.

The joke in the football circle - finish above Pahang and you'll be fine.

Catch the Taiwan-Malaysia match live on TV1 and Astro Arena (801) at 6.30pm today.

HD says: Is hooked on Sape rock! Any idea where can I get a sape in KL...anyone?


  1. FAm tunggu nasib pahang pada perlawanan terakhir..kalau kompem dok dua bawah terakhir..akan ada play off..kalau selamat..PKNS dan Sarawak auto naik super league..sememangnya dijangka...for SURE

  2. haha..untung jadi team pahang~


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