Tiket Malaysia-Singapura RM300

Bila Persatuan Bolasepak Malaysia kata nak jual tiket RM30 dan RM50, ramai merungut.

Kini, ada yg mengaut keuntungan. Tiket RM30 jual RM300 beb!!!

Tak caya? Hang pi layan website nie.

Ada mamat yg simpan 27 tiket RM30 nak jual harga RM70. Kalau hang nak beli semua 27 tiket, ada diskaun RM10 utk setiap tiket.

Tak caya? Tengok sini.

Kalau hang kenal sapa yang beli tiket RM300, tolong bagitau gua. Gua nak tabik spring sama dia!

HD says: Untung sepuluh kali ganda siot!


  1. Willing buyer willing seller lah bro.

  2. At noon time of the match. An ulat was mobbed by 100 of angry fans for trying to sell his bundle of tickets at the price of 40.

    Guess what, instead of RM10 richer from each ticket, he was beaten to ground, ticket confiscated and thrown in the air.


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