Of tickets and techno music....

I received a phone call from Shahmim Imran of Planet Football and he didn't sound pleased.

"I went to Bukit Jalil Stadium and there were no tickets available. I rushed to PJ Stadium and the counters are closed with a sign that states people should come back tomorrow.

"Rajagobal say people can come in full force to watch Liverpool play and they should do the same when the national team plays. Tell Rajagobal to talk to his FA (of Malaysia) first as to why it is easier to buy Liverpool tickets than the Malaysia-Singapore tickets!"

Shamim, whom I've known since the early days of the now defunct MyTeam, went home disappointed.

But looking at the bright side, football - and techno music - is certainly a unifying factor for Malaysians.

From the Sidelines today speak about a man who dumped clubbing and booze to create a theme song for Malaysian sports. It's all about uniting the nation.

HD says: It's all about Malaysia and Singapore.


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