Minutes replaced?

Apparently, the Malaysian Paralympic Council (MPC) are unhappy with the RM4 million poser published in The Malay Mail on Wednesday.

That's a no-brainer.

It was learnt MPC held a meeting at the Malaysian Association of Blind (MAB) office in Brickfields yesterday.

Shockingly, there are claims that the minutes of several meetings held in 2008 will be "rectified" to show that the transfer of RM4 million from MPC to an events management company Paralimpik Ventures Sdn Bhd received the blessings of the council members.

If true, then ALL the council members (stated in the 'new' minutes) should be hauled up and investigated to why they allowed such an act to transpire.

I really hope it's just coffee shop talk nevertheless.

I am sure MPC will come up with a written statement soon.

Bottom line - RM 4 million was taken out from MPC to a company which sees MPC president acting as the company's director.

It doesn't matter who highlighted the matter, it's the subject matter that matters.

HD says: Brickfields is getting hotter by the second.


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