Rumble in the jungle

Will the Lions live up to their reputation as the king of the jungle?

Or will the Tigers maul the Lions in its own den?

I received a call from Singapore's New Paper yesterday asking for my prediction of the score.

I don't do predictions but judging on records and current form, I believe Malaysia seem to have the upper hand - provided our defenders do not make silly mistakes.

But Singapore could turn the table around as they are playing with a whole lot of seasoned players. Nothing beats experience.

The psychological warfare has begin in the Republic. National coach K.Rajagobal was quoted by ChannelNewsAsia as saying "Singapore has an edge..." while New Straits Times (Malaysia) reads Raja purrs as Avramovic frets.

As Today Online rightfully said, The Causeway derby is all about fans, fire and passion.

Catch the pre-World Cup Round 2 (first leg) football match between Singapore and Malaysia live on Astro Arena (801) at 7pm and TV2 (7.15pm) tonight.

HD says: The funfair is over, the real competition begins.


  1. Bro Haresh,
    "Rumble in The Jungle" was first coined when Mohd Ali fought Joe Frazier in Zaire.
    Your title does not lend any credence to this soccer duel in a city state.
    Even if it is between the Lions and Tigers...calling it rumble in the jungle exposes your shallowness in journalism research !

  2. Raja Bola?
    Datuk Raja!
    Cakap big and talk cock,
    he was lucky last tournament vs Thailand,
    we suppose to go home in group stage.
    Raja, better stop talking, go back and do ur job.


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