All I want for Christmas....

What is more interesting - the fact that Malaysia held Pakistan to a 3-3 draw in the Asian Champions Trophy or that the national news agency Bernama had to rely on a blog - Malaysian Hockey - for the results.

Shouldn't the national body - the Malaysian Hockey Confederation - provide latest results of the national team?

Shouldn't a media officer accompany the team for every tournament in order to quickly provide official results and quotes so that journalists will not constantly 'disturb' the coach or the players?

Shouldn't such be practiced across the board - hockey, football, badminton and all the other sports?

If the blogs instead do a better job, shouldn't they then be appointed to provide results or acknowledged by the NSAs as a source of information?

Mere basics.

So all I want for Christmas - is professionalism within national sports associations. Can't be that difficult, no?

HD says: Will be listening to Christmas songs in office. Merry Christmas folks and happy holidays!


  1. Haresh Bhai,

    For your information, the blogger got his news from a correspondence in Doha via FB postings & obviously Bernama picked that up. The results of Malaysian matches were updated regularly in the MHC website.

    Give some credit lah bro, don't always whack only...

    Also your suggestion for media officer for tournaments is asking too much lah bro, why spend unnecessarily just like MHC have learnt a valuable lesson not to pay RM30k to a blogger to be the media officer for a local tournament lasting 6 weeks.

    Just stick to blogging enough lah...

    Anyway, Merry Christmas & hoping for a better 2013 for Malaysian sports.

  2. Yes...we need to instill professionalism in all our sports association in order for us to become a sports power....


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