Singapore wins, what's next for us?

Singapore won the AFF Cup after managing a 3-1 win in the first leg final before losing 1-0 in the second leg.

With a 3-2 aggregate, it was enough for the Lions to win their fourth title (1998, 2004, 2007 & 2012).

Most of the Islanders enjoyed time together playing in the Malaysian Super League. Perhaps the time spent paid off.

Nevertheless, credit goes to the Republic for they have won the title four times while Malaysia are still harping over their 2010 success.

Where do we go from here?

Perhaps we need to close our AFF 2012 chapter and move forward. To expect miracles in the 2015 Asian Cup qualifications is asking too much.

And to lose good officials - currently in the form of Kelly Sathiraj to the FA of Thailand - has to stop. Start listening to your own people, keep your egos aside.

If you think you're darn good, then why nothing has changed over the years?

Otherwise, Malaysians will always be known as being fair and kind to others, helping others to strive for success, while we continue to harp on past glory.

On another note, Perak defeated Kedah 2-0 in the King's Gold Cup final at the Perak Stadium in Ipoh last night.

HD says: Ironically, Malaysia was handed the AFF Cup Fair Play award. 


  1. why did raja leave out so many more deserving players?

  2. we must pick players according to their current capability not just their reputation.

    It seems that singapore has benefited from being invited to play in our league.

    I feel we should invest in a good foreign coach (just to compare, paul revington seems to have improved our national hockey team in such a short time).

    Our national team should also have short term targets and long term targets....then we can know whether team has already improved.

    I really wish Malaysia can one day qualify for World Cup during my lifetime....haiz....

  3. Malaysia can actually benefited from playing in the S-League if Rajagopal wasn't too arrogant to have a round table discussion with OKS.

    p/s OKS was in Thailand observing group A games. Was he on personal trip or a rep for FAM?


  4. "Raja or OKS, it's all the same"

    Honestly speaking, can we really say that OKS can do better then Raja? Are we just assuming and summing up just to get the feel good factor? We need to be very realistic. Just look at the playing standard shown by OKS's Harimau Muda. Do we really think the players are good enough and can play better then Raja's team as shown right up to now?

    As far as I'm concerned, it will be the same and nothing higher to look forward,...the main reason being is the system we are in all this while which resulted in producing low standard players and officials with regards to MENTAL SKILLS.

    Let it be Raja or OKS, they all lack the mental skills required as people in sports.

    Merry Christmas Happy New Year & Good Luck

    1. First of all, ANYBODY will be A BETTER CHOICE TO REPLACE Rajagopal.

      Another thing is, remember all the problems Harimau Muda had, going into the last Newspaper Cup? And OKS was never shy to be realistic, even with the fans.

      Personally, I prefer OKS to stay where he is. Replace Rajagopal with somebody from Spain or German (with no 'harassment' from the admin, of course).

      p/s Don't we have a Malaysian coach in German?


    2. Maybe En Kamarul should show a bit more responsibility and care when commenting about anything, here or anywhere else. The lack of accuracy and research when commenting is annoying, to say the least.

      The Bayern Munich youth coach (his name is Lim Teong Kim if you care) had already explained in the past on why he didnt want to come back to Malaysia to coach, yet. I will leave En Kamarul to do his research on LTK's reasons.


    3. Do you have a beef with me? Do I owe you money or something? Are you a Rajagopal defender?

      Lim Teong Kim did not say he didn't want to come back to Malaysia to coach. He said he needs FAM to change before he can consider coming back to Malaysia to coach. Two different things.

      If you think that all questions need answering, you must be a young person. Questions can be used for various reasons (p/s Old Greek philosophers used questions to teach and not giving answers aka spoon feeding).

      Even if I do make a mistake, I did recall, writing in the past, my willingness to be corrected.

      Don't mistake my writing as carefree or lack of responsibility / accountability. (Do I or do you need a research on Lim Teong Kim?)

      HD is the host, here. You are a guest, just like me.


    4. May I also advise you to show some maturity in your comments, en kamarul?

      1. If I dont agree with your comments, it doesnt necessarily that I am a supporter of RG. Even far from having a beef or a creditor to you. I am sure George w bush's logic does not apply here.

      2. The mention of Greek does not make a question a clever/philosophical one.

      3. I told you to make your own research before commenting.
      LTK was asked  :
      Will you consider a coaching job in Malaysia?
      His answer was a polite way of saying not so soon:
      I have been linked before with FAM and state teams but it was only speculation. I will consider working in Malaysia but first several conditions of mine must be accepted. What I want is infrastructure. I will consider a job here when there are proper facilities. The government should start by developing proper infrastructure for a few state teams before developing the rest. It is a slower process but the nation will gain in the long term.

      So there. No specific mention or hint that fam must change. But my exact point is, why bring up LTK when there's very little chance of him coming back? Even if your assumption is correct, do you really believe fam will change?

      4. I am fully aware this is Mr HD site. I never pretend anything else. You should be able to take as good as you dish out.

      Apologies if you are unhappy with my comments but I am pointing out the flaws of your debate.

    5. Thank you for responding.

      "The government should start by developing proper infrastructure for a few state teams before developing the rest. It is a slower process but the nation will gain in the long term."

      I do not believe FAM will change. But I never give up hope. Or I would not be commenting with such tones that I carry. Just like what HD and other jounalist were lamenting on ongoing lost of personnels from FAM to other (foreign) football authorities.

      Oh yes! I do not know Lim Teong Kim personally, so I'm not brave enough to assume anything. Thus, I just go with whatever LITERALLY available.

      p/s As for the mention of debt creditor, beef, Rajagopal or Greek philosopher, I was just being me. Aspecially after two comments on what I am rather than on what I got to say. And I got you to discuss on the gist of my sentences (and questions), after all. Thank you again.

      p/s Back to the question on this article's title. We do agree that FAM desperately need to change, do we? Most probably, it wont happen. But it is not a crime or irresponsible to be hoping and wishing.


    6. Thanks En Kamarul. Appreciate the debate. It has been an awkward discussion but I think we all know that we want the very best for our football team and its future. Our performance in AFF 2012 was very upsetting and personally, I have no faith in RG (& FAM) but still hoping for something good to come out of the ACQ.

      Best regards.


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