Why MWA?

Sports Commissioner Yassin Salleh questioned the Malaysian Weightlifting Association (MWA) why it had yet to hold its annual general meeting.

"Adakah persatuan menghantar surat panggilan mesyuarat melalui sistem pesanan ringkas (SMS) atau maklum melalui media? Mereka sepatutnya dipanggil melalui surat panggilan rasmi seminggu lebih awal," Yassin told Bernama.

The national body, like many others, need to relook at their constitution and adhere to it. While the Sports Commissioner's office may seem to be 'fangless' to some, we need some form of responsibility among the stakeholders to ensure national bodies need not to have a nanny in the form of the Sports Commissioner.

While awaiting for some clarification, I would like to thank Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM) in Nilai for the opportunity to speak to their students about the Media industry.

HD says: It was an interesting morning at USIM.


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