Ishtiaq Mubarak, the fallen hero. pain for young athletes under this coach could be excruciating. The master had admitted he was a pothead.

The same humble hero, whose emphatic triumphs were reflective of an Olympic medal. The same master who was the product of a life of dedication, ferocious work ethics and an extraordinary talent.

Those were the words of The Malay Mail's Editor-at-large Frankie D'Cruz in his column Being Frank published yesterday.

Frankie was also named the National Press Club Journalist of the Year in September.

For those in the dark, former national hurlder Ishtiaq Mubarak (pic) was charged with two counts of drug possession at a Langkawi magistrate court as reported here.

As a result, Ishtiaq has been suspended from coaching the national back up athletes as reported here.

The case aside, I've met Ishtiaq on many occasions and he has been one of the best sports personalities to deal with. Straight forward man who knows what he is talking about.

And yes, we shared the same passion in the form of custom (or he would call it chopper) motorcycles.

Ishtiaq has turned out to be a fallen hero.

And after the defeat of the Malaysian football team at the AFF Cup, Ishtiaq's episode sums up the national sports scene of 2012 - in a rather low tone.

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  1. LEGALIZE IT! Victim of archaic laws.....Marijuana has medicinal properties; which are supported by scientific studies.......


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