Singapore 3 Thailand 1

Many had expected the tactically superior Thais to draw or perhaps gain an early lead against Singapore at the Jalan Besar Stadium last night.

Instead, hosts Singapore stunned Thailand 3-1 in the first leg AFF Cup final.

I take back my words as both teams dished out excellent performances.

Singapore obtained their goals through Mustafic Fahrudin (10th minute), Khairul Amri Kamal (61st) and Baihakki Khaizan (90th) (pic).

The Thais, meanwhile, obtained their consolation goal through Adul Lahsoh (59th).

Bet the Singaporeans will thank the FA of Malaysia (FAM) for providing them the avenue to prepare for the AFF Cup.

With the exception of  Daniel Mark Bennett, Mustafic and Aleksandar Duric, the rest of the Singaporean players that saw action on the field last night featured for the LionsXII team in the Super League.

However, the final has not ended with another 90 minutes to go in Bangkok on Dec 22.

Once again, may the best team win.

Meanwhile, here's the latest Fifa ranking (Dec 19) -  Vietnam (131); Thailand (136); the Philippines (147); Singapore (154); Indonesia (156); MALAYSIA (158); Myanmar (162)

HD says: It was good football.


  1. Malaysian Coach Rajagobal: I am proud of my boys, we should have won 3-1 bla bla bla...

    Singapore Coach Datuk Abramovic: Talk is cheap la Gobal, do it on the field la, like what I just did, 3-1...

    Rajagobal: We lost coz my players were injured, we trained on paddy field, 10 against 11, the ref blunder, tomyam too spicy, mistake by my "i know my player "amar", bla bla bla

    Korean Ref: Helloo Gobal, no paddy field, 11 against 11, no ref blunder, same tomyam taste, you "i know my players", but how come you still didnt win in KL?

    Rajagobal: Ref, you have no right to comment, like Anuar Musa. FAM will look into this. I am defending champion you know, defending champion, aff 2010 champion, the special one, the only one, i know my boys.

    Abramovic: wow Gobal, fantastico, fabulous, fantabulous...whatever lah Gobal, we only won 3 times before, maybe yet another next week, i really dunno my boys, hope they will play as usual.

    1. When Singapore was leading 3-0 against Malaysia, one of the commentator was heard saying he couldn't understand why Rajagobal was employing " hit and hope" strategy.

      Against Thailand in Bangkok, we again saw Rajagobal employing the same "hit and hope" kampung strategy with only one striker up front, from the very first whistle till the end.

      He completely reverted the successful passing and possession approach against Laos and Indonesia, and reinstated failed midfielder Amar, retained under-performed Shafiq, while leaving the gap in centre defence wide open. Imagine during freekick leading to 2nd goal, only 2-man wall. What has Gobal been thinking all along?

      Mind boggling or sheer ignorance, or simply incapable coach at his limit, below asean standard.

    2. Lebih menghairankan, kenapa pakai 'hit and hope' sedangkan diletak 5 orang midfield yang sepatutnya boleh menghasilkan permainan yang lebih terancang dan terkawal.


  2. Annuar Musa dah lama bagi amaran tapi digantung. Cantik. Sekarang, yang ada hanya "can only go forward".

    Ada pulak "fedender" Rajagopal yang buka isu kononnya kos memecat Rajagopal adalah RM600,000. Tapi dia sebenarnya membuka pekung di dada:

    1.Sekarang semua orang tahu, pendapatan sebulan Rajagopal adalah RM50,000 sebulan (my source said it was more but cannot confirm). Ranking terus jatuh, pencapaian tak ada, hanya GAJI BUTA!

    2.Membenarkan hayat kontrak sehingga Disember 2013 bermakna FAM terlalu yakin boleh menang AFF 2012 ataupun FAM tidak peduli samada kejuaraan dapat dipertahankan atau tidak. TAHNIAH FAM!

    Sebelum ini, Rajagopal kata akan mengekalkan pemain yang sama berdasarkan pengalaman mereka yang telah lama bermain secara berpasukan. Kini Rajagopal kata akan ada perubahan besar.

    Yang mana satu flip-flop, Rajagopal ke media? Apa-apa pun bagi peminat, jika nama coach Harimau Malaya adalah Rajagopal, ramai yang percaya bahawa barisan anak didik kesayangannya tidak akan berubah.

    Ini kerana, sebelum ini sudah 70 pemain dicuba tetapi yang dipilih tetap yang itu juga.

    Jangan kita lupa, pada 2013, selain ACQ, kita juga ada Pestabola Merdeka!


    1. 600ribu sikit je tu.

      Waktu HM kena balun 3-0 dengan Singa, penyokong yg dtg stadium 60ribu x rm30 kan FAM dah kaut 1.8 juta. Baru satu per tiga nak byr RG kalau iapun betul.

      Bayar aje lah, daripada terus menerus mengecewakan rakyat pencinta bola negara. Lagipun RG tak kecewa pun bila kecundang dek strategi kampungan tendang bola jauh tu. tapi pasti RG kecewa kalau tal masyuuk 600ribu tu, macam mana lagi nak maintain standard datuk nanti.

  3. HD kata,

    "With the exception of Daniel Mark Bennett, Mustafic and Aleksandar Duric, the rest of the Singaporean players that saw action on the field last night featured for the LionsXII team in the Super League."

    LionsXII tahun depan di MSL akan mempunyai 5 pemain senior manakala yang lainnya adalah pemain muda.

    Nampak sangat kali ini, MSL jadi medan latihan untuk skuad sukan SEA mereka pula.

    Tidakkah kelonggaran kepada LionsXII hanya diberi pada tahun pertama (2012) sahaja?


    1. Doesn't matter how many youngsters depa nak letak. What about us? Where are we heading to in terms of preparations? Training whole year thru? Brazil? Slovakia? Korea (to get some help from Thai vs Mas ref)? My 2cents...don't go too far. Train more at 3rd world countries as you will be cultured shock on the treatment, training and playing field in Myanmar. Better start the 'mental' preparation now Dude...

    2. I highlighted the Lions-Harimau Muda arrangment not for the sake of the arrangment itself.

      Most importantly, pointing out that FAM is more serious in playing host than nurturing homegrown football talents.


  4. Congrats to the Lions. HD depa main dlm M-League and they gained sumthing. Our..opps "my players and my team" went up to Hungary and back with eggs only. So sumtimes Datuk K has to accept the fact that other teams are better and he himself kena be humble simple as that.Open your eyes wide and listen to others too wahai Datuk K.

  5. Datok Gobal's latest statement:- "I know what needs to be done"

    So the rest of us, fans and supporters especially, kindly shaddup lor!

    Give him chance lor, Gobal, Shafiq and Amar know what to do to beat Qatar and Yemen and qualify for Asia's finals, betul tak Gobal?

  6. I am now near supachalasai stadium, just 1 hour before the final match.

    Damn it really hurts to see both thai & spore fans coming in droves to see their teams play tonight. It could have been different. Had we lost only 0-1 to spore then it could possibly be us instead of spore. Thanks RG, excellent AFF campaign this time, no need to spend money on expensive final tickets.


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