Our teams still owe players?

"Amt (amount) owed for EPF, Socso & Income Tax reduced to RM1.3million"

I find that statement disturbing.

Teams have not been paying their players' EPF, Socso and income taxes for years. Read here, here and here.

The national body (FA of Malaysia) have in the past announced that "action will be taken" against teams that default such payments.

And yet, we hear that amount owed is "reduced" - if that is true indeed.

Reduced is not the word. It should instead read teams have CLEARED all payments as that is how it is supposed to be.

And a word of advice to national bodies - say what you mean or be branded as cakap tak serupa bikin.

Meanwhile, read about the matches played in the evening here.

HD says: When will we ever learn..


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