'Johor is no holiday place'

Johor FA President Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim (fifth from left) with the Johor Darul Takzim players and coach Fandi Ahmad"This team is not a holiday place where players come and collect their salary and sit, but they must play for the team with full determination."

Those were the words of Johor FA president Tengku Mahkota Johor Tunku Ismail Idris Sultan Ibrahim, as quoted by Bernama, yesterday.

Sadly, I missed the press conference at the Thistle Hotel in Johor Baru - the same venue where I sat down with the young prince as we spoke about Johor football, athletics and match-fixing (involving a D7 police officer) in March.

Sports247 has an extensive coverage of the event - perhaps due to their 'excellent' relationship with the Johor palace - as seen here, here and here.

Newbie Aysha Ridzuan, meanwhile, gives a different perspective of the conference in her blog.

It was an odd scene for me because the head coach just gave up his seat for his player....

...I have been in this industry for only over a year. Maybe I haven't seen much, maybe I'm naive. But a little common sense goes a long way. It's a Johor event and we should respect that. But it happens. I think it's okay to ask such question but separately or maybe not the first question. Then again, what do I know?

Pic from Sports247

HD says: Still waiting for the bike ride Tunku. :)


  1. Memang patut semua pemain bermain bersungguh-sungguh sepanjang masa. Bukan sekadar tunggu mulanya Piala Malaysia baru nak bermati-matian - perangai pasang umpan mencari majikan baru patut dibuang.


  2. I also noticed that most players will play wholeheartedly only during the Malaysia Cup esp the senior ones like Hai-O, Akmal, Indera Putra, Shukur Adan, just like Kamarul said to fish for the new employers. That's why I'm no so keen of bringing the elders to the team. Those teams like T-Team, ATM have been conned by these fellas.Hai-O only performed 1 game a season i.e. Malaysia Cup Final. To teams in Malaysian League, plse do some analysis.

    Pak Nik

  3. Was there too and agreed it was very odd that Fandi has to surrender his chair for uninvited player Danny Guiza who together with Simone Del Nerro gate crashed the event. Ok fine Fandi gave up the chair just b'coz he respected Guiza the biggest name in M'sian football to date. However it shall be vice versa on the training and playing pitch. Perhaps the event should be organized at bigger venue with more security in place. Gud Luck Darul Takzim..

  4. Pak Nik,
    HaiO performing well for only 1 game per season? Are you saying we credit HaiO for performing well only at the final and ATM lost? Can we conclude HaiO did not perform well and ATM won through their journey to the final? What sort of nonsense are you dishing out? Speak to the coaches who have coached him and they would have agreed in unison that young players look up to him as a model player where commitment is concerned on and off the field. The players you mentioned above are well known among the coaches and them coaches can gauge whether these boys are akin to 'one hit wonder' or are seriously really good players. In my humble opinion, they dont need to perform only during Malaysia cup campaign as they know the coaches who're watching them won't be fooled by 'peaking at the right time' persona. I believe many team would like to secure kuda tua like Indra, Shukor and HaiO with attractive package any day, any time.

    1. Anon:1:28 AM. I'm not in the mood to argue. Let's wait and see their performance in 2013 Super League!

      Pak Nik


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