Where are our shuttlers?

The limelight has mostly been on the national football team.

Hockey - and its never ending fiasco - tries to take centre stage too as seen on Malaysian Hockey.

What about our national shuttlers who were smashed out from the group stage of the BWF Super Series Finals in China?

What measures are being taken to ensure the shuttlers remain consistent from 2013 and beyond?

Are the powers-that-be willing to step up and admit the current crop of players have no potential to join the elite rank and it could take perhaps 10 years or more before a new talent is found?

Most importantly, why is the national federation (the BA of Malaysia) taking it upon themselves to find, scout, hone, mold, pump in millions into the players when they should instead organise more tournaments are work even closer with the schools at the grassroots?

Indonesia is facing a similar problem despite a having a larger, much larger, population than us. Why should we be contended and claim that if it is difficult for them, it's difficult for us? Why compare when we should in fact learn, adjust and implement. 

Have some faith in the local clubs. Work alongside them. Get the states to be play a more active role.

Perhaps then the heat will not be so much on BAM.

HD says: National associations need to understand and change their roles and not adopt the same workflow as practiced in the past. Life is about evolving.


  1. Firstly, the problem with BAM is they don't have enough manpower to monitor the progress of the State BAs if they were to let the S.BAs do the development.
    Second, BAM is pretty happy with the current situation of doing everything - think about money and power.
    I'm sure BAM has realized that after LCW, their stable is pretty dry of capable singles players, even though Liew Daren and Chong Wei Feng has been making their mark on the international circuit. Chong Wei Feng seems to be a winning bet to replace LCW as the top singles player in the country. Just need some coffee and confidence.
    State BAs should go out and look for sponsors to fund their State championship and do their development. Show BAM your true State colors.


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