Are we losing the fans?

It was certainly a heartbreak for many on Valentine's Day.

Malaysia continued to slip down the Fifa rankings as they are now at 159 - a spot below compared to last month.

And do expect the team to slip even further based on the upcoming matches (especially the 2015 Asian Cup qualifiers).

I had last month written this; Malaysia di tangga 158 Fifa; ranking tidak penting?

While K.Rajagobal's lads continue to find their footing, a small portion of fans are beginning to shy away from the stands.

There are those who constantly criticise the national team, often comparing the standard of play to the days of Santokh Singh, the late Mokhtar Dahari and Soh Chin Aun.

There are also those who are ultra fanatic, supporting the team during good times and bad times.

But a majority are giving up their passion towards local football as the same excitement when Malaysia won the AFF Cup in 2010 is fading away.

It also doesn't help that despite having a 'professional league', the promotion of matches are heavily relied on the mainstream Media and online portals but (despite the handful of teams, Kelantan included), the participating teams do little to generate the interest of the masses.

Are we losing the fans?

HD says: Something we should all ponder.


  1. We are not only losing sleep, we are also having "scary nightmares" for more then 20 years!!

    When we talk about match fixing; we should also be aware that football in Malaysia is managed by hardcore gamblers.- I'm very sure older Malaysian know what i "mean"and history will speak for itself.
    When bad habits are mixed into Nobel courses such as sports and human development the out come will be the current fifa ranking.

    They will gamble off whatever funds obtained just to have fun.- unfortunately football became their playing ground'.

    Appropriately we should call MSL as "Gamblers League". They are also nearing to gamble away the nation too.

    1. It appeared to me that HSKAMAL has inside infos on football gambling. I do agree with him on the above. If you look into the performance of T-Team for the past say 3 years you will notice that definitely the team is being "managed" or remote-controlled by Syndicates. How can you explain when T-team beat Kelantan today and next week they lost to PKNS or Felda Utd (I'm talking about last year's trend, ok)

      Pak Nik

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  3. apa cerita pasal pergaduhan antara pemain atm & selangor haritu...mcm2 alasan nak tengok bukti dululah sama ada boleh jadi kes atau tidak...nak buka kertas pertuduhan pun kena tunggu ada report dulu...sedangkan ada team yang terus kena denda tanpa ada report pun just kerana disiarkan live diTV...pun kena...dan rasanya game kat stadium perak sebelum ni ada orang baling mercun kan? kena denda ke?

    1. Malam ini pertama kali tengok bom asap dilepaskan di tempat penonton.

      1.Tidak mengganggu permainan, so tak ada tindakan ke?

      2.Macam mana boleh lepas bom asap masuk stadium?

      Losing the fan? Just make sure money spent by fans are worth it. As simple as that. Autoriti bolasepak yang suka guna terma "industri", not my word.

      Don't expect fans to have "sense of belonging" when you treat fans as "outsiders". (Does this remind you of "saya kenal pemain saya" culture in those high places?)


  4. huhuhu...kontroversi lagi game selangor vs ATM...

    1. Daripada jumlah denda RM62500 terhadap KAFA, RM20000 adalah khusus kerana bom asap.

      Sekali lagi nak tanya soalan yang tidak sudi dijawab; hanya asap bom yang mengganggu perlawanan sahajakah yang dikatakan perbuatan salah yang boleh didenda?



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