'Ramez Dayoub suspended for life'

In total, 24 players turned out to be involved. Two of them will banned for life, Mohamad Al-Ali who currently plays for Persiba Balikpapan in the Indonesia Super League, and Ramez Dayoub who plays for Selangor FA in the Malaysia Super League. Two others, Hasi Sehmarani and Hadi Jaafar, will be suspended for 3 seasons, in addition to 20 other players who will be suspended for 1 season each.

Read the full article here.

Also read here from more info.

Looking forward to the reaction from the FA of Malaysia and the FA of Selangor.

HD says: Oh boy.....


  1. As painfull as it is, the suspension is necessary. Hopefully, FAM can be as bold.

    p/s Shahidan Kassim, kata ada bukti. Nak tunggu apa lagi?


  2. There goes Selangor chance of clinching the League and Malaysia Cup


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