Malaysian and Singaporean ring masters?

Investigators say such gambling operations hire workers to rapidly place thousands of small online bets — maybe no more than $1,000 each — on fixed games. The scattershot of small bets, rather than several large ones, can help hide fixes from monitoring companies in Europe that use computer software to look for unusual wagering.

"They employ kids and they employ people in Singapore and Malaysia to do that for them," said Chris Eaton, former head of security for FIFA, soccer's governing body. "They virtually have a sweatshop, if you like, of people with a large number of credit cards and laptop computers, and they punch those things when they are given the green light."

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One bookmaker's Malaysian manager, who refused to give his name because of the illegal nature of his business, conceded that the operation was running "on borrowed time."

Here's another article of football gambling thriving in Cambodia.

Malaysians and Singaporeans are certainly involved. It will be interesting to note the number of Malaysians involved and their involvement in match-fixing and illegal online betting.

Explain why would betting and or betting odds websites monitor small tournaments including the Malaysian Premier League, President's Cup and the King's Gold Cup?

Just search "football betting Malaysia" in Google and you will get a list of website such as (top) and

Hopefully when Interpol visits the AFC at Bukit Jalil on Feb 20-21, it will be more than just a meet and greet session for the Malaysian authorities.

HD says: Is football turning into a big fat circus manipulated by Malaysian and Singaporean ring masters?


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