Letter from John Beasley

Here's a letter from national cycling coach John Beasley ahead of the Sime Darby's RM2.85 million sponsorship to the national cycling scene.

From a coaching perspective the joint venture that has been formed between the National Sports Council of Malaysia and the Sime Darby foundation has given track cycling in Malaysia a great chance at defying even greater odds.
Since 2006 I have been effectively employed by Malaysia to try and help turn a small spark into a large flame. I use the word small spark intentionally as in terms of our physical size (comparative to other nations) our cycling infrastructure we are relatively small. 

However, I also use spark intentionally as since 2006 we have been able to consistently produce performances that capture the eyes of the world. Each and every day since the beginning of my employment we have worked at creating a flame, a hot bed of talent, to help give Malaysia the world-class program it deserves so that it can achieve the lofty goals we have set. 

That flame is being built thanks to the support of great people in both MSN and ISN, and their trust, faith and support has enabled us to take to the program to the biggest size it has ever been. It cannot be easy to trust in something that has never been seen before, however, the willingness to share in a dream is helping us take the steps towards making it a reality. I am excited everyday to have the honor of working alongside such people in the hope of delivering a program that the country is capable of having.

Sport is like business in lots of ways, where you have to speculate to accumulate. Though before you can begin to speculate you have to dare to dream, once you have the dream then it is built from strong relationships, trust, passion education and dedication, drive ambition and relentless commitment towards excellence. In track cycling that means countless hours of relentless training and planning all in the hope that we can win what we have set out to achieve. Our dream in this case is a medal at the 2016 Rio games. 

Many people have potentially been frightened by the size of the ambition that accompanies this dream, but not the people at Sime Darby. With their assistance we now have more people who are courageous enough to not only share a vision, but also work towards it. Their contribution will be vital in our pursuit of excellence.

I know that Sime Darby have invested in 2 great young Malaysian sporting talents, that I know will give their all every time they go to work for their country. I have coached many athletes across my career, and I really believe that these 2 athletes are a couple of Malaysia’s best ambassadors. To represent a fine company and country, you need fine people, and Sime Darby has found that in these 2 athletes.

Finally, I would like to take the opportunity to thank both Sime Darby and the national sports council of Malaysia for embarking on this necessary step for Malaysian cycling. In our program we believe that actions speak louder than any words, and so the time has come for us to get back to the work of making every action count. I do look forward to this partnership being the cornerstone on top of which we can build a strong foundation, and just as Sime Darby has done in business we aim to do in cycling. 

We want to become truly world class by leaving no stone unturned in our relentless pursuit of excellence.

We want to put cycling well and truly on the global map, and be inspired by the Sime Darby branding as we seek to have the Malaysian flag atop even the highest of flag poles.

John Beasley


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