Nazmi has to wait till April

So what will youngster Nazmi Faiz Mansor do between now and April?

Not being able to play competitively will certainly affect the performance of a professional player - and it remains to be seen if Nazmi will be at his best when he will be able to play for PKNS during the second transfer window.

That aside, there now seems to be some form of 'sympathy' for the former Harimau Muda A player.

Having left Portugal outfit SC Beira-Mar, Nazmi's reasoning of walking off and flying across the Indian Ocean back to Kuala Lumpur was simply due to the fact that the club "is facing financial woes".


If so, why didn't the agent try and pitch Nazmi to play for another Portugal side? Is it a situation where they were not impressed with Nazmi? Or Nazmi was itching to return?

Also if indeed the club was facing "financial woes", why didn't Nazmi - or through his agent - file a complaint with UEFA (if they were not paid their wages that is) and return home with that complaint letter to quash all rumours.

Or is it a situation where Nazmi will tell all after obtaining his ITC from the club?

And why should the FA of Malaysia (FAM) "bail" Nazmi out? Nazmi made a decision and as a professional, he has to deal with it.

And to suggestions that Nazmi should be allowed to spend the next two months with Harimau Muda A - you gotta be joking. Obviously the management and coaching staff have to be professional when it comes to accepting good players but it is evident many within the set-up are still "upset" with Nazmi. Time will heal perhaps.

I would still like to give Nazmi the benefit of the doubt - not wanting to jump the gun as some have squarely blamed it on personal sentiments.

Hopefully we will get a better understanding to this situation once Nazmi gets his ITC?

HD says: Once again, so many questions, hardly any answers.


  1. sorry bro. sedih tengok anak muda macam ni.. harap harap di approve.

    this is jack lingam

  2. nazmi had only a six month loan in portugal and not 3 yrs deal,,it was optional if the club like s the player then they will sign him for 3 yrs, this is thr truth ,,, and you can check it with the club in portugal,,

  3. what i knew from a trusted source in lisbone that nazmi contract was onnly for 6 month ,, optional if they likes him then they will extand to 3 yrs,
    so,, iaam sure the agent is trying to say may stories to cover his game,,,

  4. Dear Mohamad, if your trusted sources is correct then the Agent needs to give some explanation to FAM or is FAM also being conned by the Agent?

    The deal look fishy from the outset. I'm quite puzzled how a 1st Division club in Europe can just simply sign a contract with a 17 years old player from Malaysia with such a short trial? But I was willing to give a benefit of a doubt then and being Malaysian, of course hoping that the deal was REAL...

    I'm still hoping that the deal is indeed real so as to open more opportunity to other Malaysian to ply their trade abroad.

    Pak Nik

  5. I think some top gun outside the field is playing the game all this while. don't know for what purpose...publicity maybe..


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