Exclusive: More Malaysians to play for SC Beira-Mar

More Malaysian players to see action with SC Beira-Mar?

That seems to be so after the author obtained confirmation from the club that they are working closely with T-Team coach Peter Butler to bring "one or two players" to play for the Portugal club next season.

In an email to the author, SC Beira-Mar's Department of Communication representative Luis Viega said;

"Regarding your questions about Nazmi Faiz (Mansor), initially we agreed a concession for six months, but then he asked to stay in Malaysia for personal reasons. 

"Focus on what matters to us is that we remain very committed to help develop football in Malaysia and now we are working in contact with Peter Butler. In the next season we will bring one or two players from Malaysia, who will be chosen by Peter Butler."

The email was in response to queries about Nazmi Faiz leaving the club despite it was earlier reported on the club's website that he will be released for only "six months for an AFC competition" as reported here (and here's the translated version).

Widely regarded as the next big thing for Malaysian football, Nazmi surprised many with his sudden return from the Portuguese club but has been rather tight-lipped over it. In fact, he went on to sign a three-year deal with Super League outfit PKNS FC.

However, Nazmi will only see action in April when the FA of Malaysia receives his International Transfer Certificate.

Nazmi's father Mansor Mustapha was recently quoted by Berita Harian as saying;

"...kesediaan Nazmi beraksi di Liga Super bersama PKNS FC tidak mempunyai kaitan dengan masalah gaji rendah di Portugal. (signing up with Super League club PKNS FC has nothing to do with the low wages received in Portugal)."

Nevertheless, Nazmi's ex-lover Tengku Nurshufilla Tengku Shubli claimed Nazmi returned due to "wages and it has nothing to do with his love life." (Nazmi balik sebab gaji, bukan cinta).

On claims of the club facing financial difficulties, Viega replied;

"If we had problems the Portuguese FA took us points and don't let us to participate in the League. Is as simple as that."

The club's financial status has been reported in the past. Portugal.net had in 2010 reported Mario Costa resigned as the president, "leaving the organisation millions in euros in debt" while another report speculated that the whole Beira-Mar board may resign. 

HD says: Still itching for a vacation in Portugal


  1. Bro HD,
    This twerp blew it!! He chickened out and now all kinds of speculations are bandied about.
    Why question the club's financial standings now ? Why was this not investigated earlier.
    Even the actual so called contract appears cloudy with conflicting reports.Today I read it was a concessionary trial !!!!
    Too bad many Malaysian football fans have been misled with this whole Portugal thingy !
    Lets face it.....none are going to make it big in football for a very very long time indeed.
    Young footballers returning home due to love-sickness is another unheard excuse from a nation known as Malaysia !!!!!

    Football Fan JB

  2. Someone has to clear the air to avoid further speculation.

    If it's about money and contract, perhaps we should scrutinize the agent and contract thoroughly in future.

    If they boy was experiencing culture shock, someone going there in future should look into getting their mental prepared not only on playing in a different and more competitive environment but also living in a new environment alone, without any adult or close relative supervision. It's also about getting spiritually prepared.

    We've seen on a few accounts how local lads especially Malays failed in uprooting themselves further from local culture as it's already in our genetics that venturing outside our comfort zone is a very daunting task and decision to make. The concept of 'hujan batu di negeri sendiri" sometimes anchoring the Malays from venturing abroad

  3. Lets be realistic and ask ourselves whether our players produced from our footballing system really posses the quality and ability to go abroad compared to many other successful footballing nations?-The answer is definitely not and we are deceiving ourselves.

    The whole saga is a scam by both sides(Portugal&Malaysia) to "cash-in" by the agents & officials from both sides.

    In desperation, FAM is deceiving us wt all sorts of lies to make them look good.

    Bro HD, can we challenge FAM for a public debate? They have been squandering public funds(tax payers money) they should be men enough to take-up the challenge!!!-Pls include me if they dare to accept the challenge as one of the debater.

    Good luck in trying to coax them to agree.


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