Tun Razak Stadium: What a shame!

It is the first astroturf hockey stadium in the country.

It is named after our second Prime Minister Abdul Razak Hussein - the father of our current Prime Minister Najib Razak.

Yet, the current state at the Tun Razak hockey stadium does not reflect its name or history. It is shameful, pathetic to a certain extent.

The stadium serves as a training and competition venue for all levels - from schools to local leagues.

Nevertheless, the turf - mainly near the 'D' of both ends - is not in a playable condition and poses a great danger to those playing on it due to the uneven surface.

Such were also seen at the KL Education Ministry turf in Pantai and Bandar Penawar Sports School - as exposed by the author - in the past.

The author visited the Tun Razak Stadium yesterday only to see three workers literally sewing the turf with pieces of turf cut just outside the playing area.

"This is a temporary measure," said one of the worker.

When asked if such a measure will work, the worker smiled.

But the regulars playing at the stadium are not impressed.

"We pay full amount but we get a lousy playing surface. We are forced to avoid the uneven areas and it spoils our matches.

"Extra precaution must be taken especially when school children use the turf as an awkward bump could see the ball bump into the air and hit a player," the player who wished to remain anonymous added.

It will be interesting to see if the KL Education Ministry - located exactly opposite the stadium - are well aware of the dangers posed by the turf  ahead of the school zonal competition.

HD says: Nothing ever changes.


  1. This is the product of our Malaysian Standard ala Malaysia Boleh in the Bolehland of Malaysia! Wannabe a world class sports power? Dream on babe! Keep on dreaming as Pak Pandir or Si Luncai! We have money there's no doubt about that BUT our profesionalisme and mismanagement has consistently flush the dream of becoming a power house down to the drain! As I said before, Malaysian Standard! How pathetic!


  2. I do hope Tun Razak Stadium does not suffer the humiliation Stadium Hoki Pandamaran & Stadium Hoki MBPJ has to suffer of having turf not repaired over 6 years and 11 years respectively and yet Selangor Hockey Teams alienated by the local municipal, forced to train in other venues continue to produce respectable results as recent as the Runners up at Div 2 Razak Cup and MBPJ achieving 2nd place at the National Junior League. I just wish the people in charge have the courage or moral conviction to vacate their seats instead of giving us the run around why the turf cannot be repaired. Please do not say you dont have RM 2 million to change the turf. Every single letter, paperwork, cost effective plans, independent reviews of the turf, lighting and watering system submitted to people from top to bottom even a letter from the MHC President. all laid to waste. So I hope Tun Razak Stadium get better treatment then stadiums in Selangor.


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