Quotes about match-fixing in football; RIP Frank

This was taken from an Associated Press article.

Soccer, or football as it is known in most of the world, is being plagued by match-fixing linked to emboldened criminal gangs or corrupt officials. Here are some comments on the global problem:

''Football is in a disastrous state. ... Fixing of matches for criminal gambling fraud purposes is absolutely endemic worldwide ... arrogantly happening daily.'' - Chris Eaton, director of sport integrity at the International Centre for Sport Security.

''It sounds like a fairy tale or a novel. It's absolute craziness, something unbelievable - but it's all true.'' - Italian prosecutor Roberto Di Martino on a case in which an Italian goalkeeper under pressure to rig a game drugged five of his teammates so they would play badly.

''Twenty years of hard work I destroyed in just one month.'' - Mario Cizmek, a Croatian player convicted of match-fixing.

''For my cooperation, he offered me 200,000 euros. ... I said no because my immediate thoughts were of my wife, son and daughter. How could I look them in the eye if I said yes? What kind of husband and father would I be?'' - Former Italian player Simone Farina, who is now a FIFA ambassador for fair play.

''The widespread belief in Turkey is that at some time or another, each and every team has attempted to fix games.'' - Turkish sports commentator Bagis Erten.

Meanwhile, former Perak and Selangor import Frank Seator passed away on Feb 11 after a "brief illness" as reported by Global News Network Liberia. Thank you for your contribution in the M-League and rest in peace Seator.

HD says: It doesn't pay to fix matches; sad day for Perak and Selangor fans.


  1. Bro HD,

    Sad to hear the untimely passage of F Seator.This guy played well in his initial season with Perak and lighted up our domestic soccer with a hatful of goals.He had good technique and awareness to match his skills.RIP Frank.Malaysian soccer will remember you always!

    Bro, the match fixing fiasco appears frightening.Pretty soon we will hear of some complicity involving Malaysians.It will be a repeat of previous scenarios.FAM loves hushing up matters.Denial syndrome.Lepas itu depa act macam everything is okay.
    Malaysian journos like Datuk Fauzi Omar,Lazaras Rokk,Terrence Netto,Dan Guen Chin and others smelt something wasn't right in Malaysian soccer especially since the late 80s.They aroused everyone with their lead write ups in their columns,but the powers that be chose to remain in their slumber, so much so,just last year some state youth players got sucked by the bookies.....FAM said MACC...then MACC said FAM...now stony silence !
    I respect your role in trying to combat this monster that threatens our excitement....but for the blokes that sit up there.....life still goes on, bro !!!!!

    Peminat Sukan JB.


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