Congratulations Baljit, Jesvin

National hockey player Baljit Singh tied the knot with his sweetheart Jesvin Kaur in Ipoh on Saturday.

Baljit and Jesvin then hosted a dinner reception for family members and friends yesterday.

It was good fun catching up with the likes of fellow journos Aftar Singh, Jugjet Singh and Satwant Singh Dhaliwal.

It was also good to meet several folks from the hockey fraternity including national coach Paul Revington and his lovely wife Sandy, Arul Selvaraj and Chua Boon Huat.

I bet it was a culture shock for Revington - with the many colours, dancing and singing - in a good way. hopefully.

In fact, Baljit's siblings - T-Team footballer Pritam, Nirmal and Dr Kiran - kept the crowd entertained with their moves on the stage.

The night ended with Baljit's elder sister Kiran gaving a speech on behalf of the family, while trying to hold back tears, as she sung praises and sent out warm wishes to the couple.

To Baljit and Jesvin, may you have a blessed journey together. Cheers!

HD says: Congrats!


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