'Malaysians are talented but not strong enough'

“Some players from Terengganu are going to enjoy stints in Europe...either England, Portugal or Holland.”
Those were the words of T-Team coach Peter Butler (pic).

This came about after the author contacted Butler just before appearing on Nadi Arena on Saturday regarding former SC Beira-Mar player Nazmi Faiz Mansor.

SC Beira-Mar had, in an email, revealed that “In the next season we will bring one or two players from Malaysia, who will be chosen by Peter Butler.”

“Who told you?” was Butler’s first response when asked over the contents of the email by the Portugal club.

“Look, clubs from England, Portugal...they call me all the time asking about talents in the country.

“Honestly, the Malaysian players are a talented lot but talent alone is not enough to survive in Europe. They are still not strong enough and it will take some time before Malaysian players make it abroad,” he added.

Nazmi Faiz Mansor courted controversy on and off the field with his sudden return from Europe.

Dubbed by many as the next big thing for Malaysian football, Nazmi had been rather emotional on his tweets with many speculating him leaving Beira-Mar due to “personal matters”.

There are also those who question Nazmi’s link with PKNS FC, adding a boy of his talent would surely settle for a "bigger team".

 PKNS coach Abdul Rahman Ibrahim had said that he was happy having Nazmi on board.

“I was told Nazmi was approached by several clubs before signing up with us. We’re not Darul Takzim or ATM so when a lad like Nazmi is eager to join us, I’m happy,” Abdul Rahman added.

Meanwhile, the author would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Year as we usher in the Year of the Snake today.

May we all enjoy a blessed year ahead and stay away from the many “two-legged snakes” around us.

HD says: Gong Xi Fa Chai!


  1. peter butler ni walaupon kepala selalu masuk air, tp system dan prisip yg die guna pakai utk develop players dan team, bagus sbenarnya, tgk t-team je dah la, pemain2 die bkn pmain ternama pon, tp majoriti player2 muda sgt lg umurnya tp kalo tgk corak pmainan t-team bleh la tahan la jgak menerapkan corak pmainan english, harap2 player2 yg lbh bpengalaman spt boateng, folan, dan marzuki dpt bimbing pemain2 muda dlm skuad mrk

  2. Bro HD,
    "....stay away from many 2 legged snakes" !!! You made me laugh with that line! And you are DAMN right....the sporting fraternity in our country is flushed with too many snakes....hockey,badminton,football, you sure to bump or encounter with them.There are vipers, anacondas,the rattle-snakes, the elegant cobras as well as the slimy types. No shortage of them in Malaysian sports bro.
    Peter Butler - this bloke is all about disciplined football ! He is a man who is convinced that he can improve our soccer.And he is asking for a free hand to manage his boys.And he promises results within 3 years.And that includes youth development as well.But the sleepy heads and 2 legged snakes who run soccer in most states don't have the grey matter to see Peter's obsession.Me thinks PB should should helm our national team when FAM realise it is time to chuck the boring King Raja.
    Nazmi and Portugal affairs? Peter, given his personality, would not like himself to be dragged into this mess lah !
    The tevees are pouring out sympathies and shedding tears for Nazmi's about turn (the typical Malaysian syndrome).Everyone else is blamed.And the people in FAM are keeping mum instead of drawing out plans to curb the excesses of agents for future signings.
    And FAM has the cheek to compare hockey with soccer in the foul up of Ong's boys tour of Australia just recently.Real bunch of goons.
    Lets hope (as we always do)some changes takes place in our sports associations.
    To all snaky sports administrators -please shed your skins and carry out your responsibilities and roles in a manner that can make all Malaysians happy and proud just like in the 70s and 80s.

    Peminat Sukan JB.


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