Wrong move Nadzmi

I respect BA of Malaysia (BAM) president Nadzmi Salleh (pic) and his council members. I sincerely do.

However, respect does not mean I have to agree with what they say and do all the time.

I may respect a certain office bearer but I will still say that he has done nothing for the development of sport in his state. I'm sure there are many within the badminton fraternity who can attest to that.

So when the registration of the nominees for the Badminton World Federation (BWF) presidency closed on Feb 22, I was not amused to see Nadzmi's name.

Nadzmi, however, is confident of nailing the top post despite the three corner race between Indonesia's Justian Suhandinata and former Olympian Poul-Erik Hoyer-Larsen, as revealed by NST's KM Boopathy.

To be fair, there are those who claim it is important to have a figure within the world body - to make life 'easier' for Malaysia in the international front.

Nevertheless, I am a strong believer that one should be able to have a track record of managing things right and putting one's house in order before thinking of the next level.

Nadzmi has often been dubbed as a "good and very fair man", based on his days with Proton. Even those close to him in BAM attest to that.

However, being good and fair is only part of the game. The winning touch is by creating an impact and that includes a solid state structure, excellent development programme that churns out quality players consistently, a good marketing and branding exercise and last but not least results.

Malaysia, just like Indonesia, are suffering from a serious lack of talent with the exception of father-to-be Lee Chong Wei. We are still struggling to find a shuttler who can bridge the gap between the elite few and the rest of the pool.

There are still talks around the courts that state teams are poor managed and there is no proper development programme adopted by the states. Why should the national association be burdened with unearthing talents when the same job can be shared by the many clubs mushrooming in the country?

Perhaps there is something I am missing about Nadzmi eying for the BWF president's position. But based on what I know, Nadzmi should instead take Malaysian badminton to the next level before thinking of positions beyond the nation.

HD syas:  Oh well....


  1. "Yang dikejar tak dapat, yang dikendong berciciran"...HD well said! Anyway GOOD LUCK Nadzmi...wonder when will I ever watch a Malaysian team winning The Thomas Cup since 1992??? My 1 cent view is that Olympic Badminton Gold Medal is nothing compare to the 1992 triumph!


  2. Agreed HD. You should also be saying the same thing to our MHF President who few months back won the a seat in IHF.

    Pak Nik

  3. Kelantan are forced to train in a public park prior to their 2-0 loss against Selangor?

    I picked this up from bola@mamak. Can anybody explain, why, how etc.

    p/s HD, sorry for the unrelated entry.


  4. Badminton is still way behind tennis, football or even cricket in terms of worldwide popularity. Speaking of Asia, as it is, there are still many more Asian countries where badminton is unpopular, poorly or under developed. Its like in Malaysia, where the rich are super-rich and the poor are very poor. Whoever becomes president of BWF must ensure badminton reaches even the least populated land in any part of Asia, so to speak. He must have deep passion for the game, with a record of having brought badminton to greater heights during all of his previous capacities as office-bearer, recognized by all and envied by many.

  5. Some say BAM wanted him out, so this nomination to the BWF president is like a goodbye present.
    Not like he needs to be the president of BWF, its just a nicer way of leaving or being asked to leave BAM.

  6. HD,what's your two cents on this: http://w1.hmetro.com.my/myMetro/articles/BACgesaunditidakpercayaterhadapMomii/Article/index_html


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