More questions than answers indeed

This is referring to Devinder Singh's article that appeared in today's NST - More questions than answers.

"What has been reported that I came here for a six-month loan is not true. I have signed a permanent contract."

But wasn't that written on the club's official website as evident here?
"From my time with the Young Tigers, I knew that PKNS are a good club which is why I have chosen to come here."


"But for Malaysian players of my age who want to go overseas, my advise is to check out the background of the club and the team and make the right decision."

Isn't that the job of the agent? And with the FA of Malaysia backing Nazmi's stint there, didn't anyone check the background of the club? Also, what is wrong with the club? Lack of funds? Why no indication before this? 

So many questions indeed.

HD says: Hm....


  1. Totally agreed with you, HD. Don't tell me FAM didn't check Biera Mars background? I got a feeling that this is just an excuse but the main reason is... as per everyone's guess.

    Pak Nik

  2. malaysian footballer should learn from our "mat rempits", zulfahmi and hafiz syahrim on how to survive at foreign country at very young age and being alone..



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