The Portuguese jinx?

Remember Titus Palani James?

Yes, the boy that was referred to as "just another juggler" and there were those who ridiculed him by saying he should "join the circus".

The Brickfields lad left for France at the age of 12 and is currently playing for French lower league club Nanteuil FC. He is 27 now.

It's been more than a decade and some may have forgotten him and the hype that surrounded him.

Remember Nazmi Faiz Mansor?

Recently, Nazmi left Beira Mar SC to play for PKNS. He was hardly a year with the third division Portuguese club.

Now we have Ahmad Fakri Saarani (pic) who is set to play for Kelantan in April. Ahmad was given a brief stint with another Portuguese club Athletico SC but it remains unclear to why he has decided to leave earlier than expected.

Watch 'Fakri bakal sertai Kelantan' by Astro Awani.

So here we have a boy from Brickfields who has somehow survived in France. We have a national player who many dubbed is going to be the next big thing for Malaysian football but has decided to quit his foreign club and another national player who will now play for an east coast team instead of his club in Portugal.

HD says: Am I missing something?


  1. 1) Is the so called Portuguese "agent" making the mockery out of our players?

    2) Guess our players are really no match even for the 3rd division club there. We have to swallow it Malaysians. We are just not good enough. Talented yes, finish product, not yet.

    3) Hopefully those 2 Malaysian players can make the grade in Japan and prove me wrong. If we can't, well i have nothing to say

  2. Semua ni 'atas sebab peribadi' laa...tu pun tak tau lagi ke Mr Haresh.


  3. HD,I think Fakri made a bad move to come back home unless he is not wanted there anymore. The main issues in Fakri case I think is about money. That's the problem with Malaysian.

    Pak Nik

  4. Jaguh kampung....


  5. A reflection of the Malaysian society? Difference between resisting to move out of the comfort zone and a desire to endure challenges and hardhsip. Who will prevail? Elementary my dear Haresh.

  6. christiano ronaldo pun masa pindah ke manchester,dia ada komplen rindu kampung halaman..itu pindah dari europe ke europe.siap ada kawan nama Nani dan Anderson satu bahasa ...makan minum lain sikit saje..inikan pulak si fakri pindah sorang sorang ke portugal lain culture ..duduk bandar kecik jalan 7 minit dah habis round satu bandar.lagilah dia rasa bohsan dan boleh jadi giler..
    maybe..just maybe kalau dia pindah ke UK..dimana ada ramai masyarakat mesia..cakap engkish..makan briyani senang dapat..nak mengorat awek pun awek tu faham bahasa english.. dia akan duduk lebih lama lah di eropah..
    pak abu hensem

    1. PAK ABU..ana dapat tau ada few pemain dr Aprika yg beragama islam dlm tim tu...(islam mcm mana jgn tanya ana la..) nape dia tak ngam dgn bebudak Aprika tu? Ronaldo Nani dgn Anderson spesis lain yg suka berparti berbeza dgn Pakri..Ana stuju dgn ente la kalau dia di UK mungking dia boleh cepat adapt. Heran ana nape team Cardip Sity atau QPR tak buka peluang pemain Malaya ke sana ye??

    2. Pemain "ranking tak penting" malaysia tidak layak bermain di uk angkara " im a fighter" presiden yang tak bawak faedah.Pak Abu Hensem

    3. Terbaek la Pak Abu..makin bertambah hensem la ente :>


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