It was painful to watch...

...Trent Milton scoring a goal in the dying minutes as Australia bagged the Azlan Shah Cup with the final score of 3-2.

However, the Malaysians were the first to start the ball rolling thanks to Faizal Saari. Australia equalised through Nicholas Budgeon and later took the lead through Carig Boyne's effort.

Tengku Ahmad Tajuddin made it 2-2 for the host team but it wasn't enough as the team from Down Under stole the limelight in front of a packed stadium in the final minutes of the match.

This is Malaysia's fourth appearance in the final but they have yet to win the tournament.

It was also painful to watch the friendly (football) match between Malaysia and Saudi Arabia at the Shah Alam Stadium yesterday.

The Harimau Malaya hardly threatened the visitors as the Saudis were two goals up at half time courtesy of Yousef Alsalem and Yahya Alshehri.

K.Rajagobal's lads put on a better show in the second half and were rewarded with a goal thanks to Safiq Rahim.

Nevertheless, Saudi's Naif Hazazi scores the third goal of the match in the 89th minute while Hamdan Alhamdan ensured a comfortable lead in the dying minutes as Saudi Arabia won 4-1.

Two contrasting performances by two different teams.

Pic by Shazli Shamsuddin (Dunia Warriors)

HD says: Sigh....


  1. Hoki : Kalah tapi tak malu.

    Bola : Nak muntah

    Hoki : Revolusi Paul Revington dalam masa yang singkat

    Bola : Tong kosong bila diketuk, bunyinya kuat

    Hoki : Pemilihan berdasarkan prestasi semasa; pemain baru atau pemain lama yang kembali on-form diberi peluang yang sama

    Bola : Saya tahu pemain saya

    Hoki : Modern hockey play. Sampaikan kepantasan berfikir pun dilatih.

    Bola : Kehabisan idea sampaikan game senang dibaca, bola senang hilang

    Hoki : Tak sangka ada channel 802

    Bola : Tukar channel, pergi 802

    p/s Akhirnya pakai juga jersey warna kuning - tapi tentu ramai peminat yang rasa tak berbaloi bayar RM200.


    1. Hahaahaaaa.... you made my day, encik Kamarul!

  2. Datuk K. Rajagobal says there are no strikers in the M-League. Why not try Pahang's Fauzi Roslan who is the second highest top scorer in the Super League and Sarawak's Bobby Gonzales who can't seem to stop scoring?

    Why not give them a chance? Would be would a try ... instead of complaining and relying on the same old faces

    1. & don't forget Khyril & Azamudin Akil, who r strikers for their state teams but played out of position as wingers/wide mdfielders for Msia. Coach Raja's striking option has always been Safee & Matyo, even though they're injured/out of form. No wonder Msia "don't have strikers available".


    2. One another point, look how energetic Shafiq was in the field, aspecially when he now have a competitor for the attacking midfielder spot.

      A practice we should have against other divas (players and coach) as well.



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