Barca saga

UPDATE March 8, 2013 (9.36am): Here is an email by FC Barcelona about the matter -

 Dear Sir,

Thanks a lot for your communication and for  your interest in our club with regards to our visit to Malaysia this summer.

Briefly we will do the official announcement of the match and then we will take the opportunity to give all the details around this visit.

We thanks again for your interest and we remain at your disposal for further enquires.

Best Regards

Chemi Terés
International Communications
Press and Communications Department


It is supposed to be the most anticipated visit.

Spanish giants Barcelona are set to play in Malaysia on August 10 as published on the official website. Malaysia will be their final leg of the Asian Tour as the Catalans visit China on August 3 and Thailand four days later.

Here's the twist.

FA of Malaysia (FAM) were earlier clueless about Barcelona's visit to the country.  Yesterday, the national body expressed its disappointment that an announcement was made by the club without FAM's knowledge.

So who is responsible for this episode?

Was a request even made to the Sports Commissioner's Office?

Article 36 of the Sports Development Act 1997 reads;

(1) A company shall not involve itself in any sporting activity or in any other activity related to sports, as may be prescribed by the Minister in the regulations, unless it is licensed to do so by the Commissioner.

(2) The licence referred to in to in subsection (1) may be subject to a fee and such conditions as the Commissioner deems fit to impose.

(3) The Commissioner may, on being satisfied that there are reasonable grounds for doing so, revoke the licence issued to a company under this section after giving that company an opportunity to make representations to him.

Have we forgotten about the Energizer Night Race fiasco? Read here and here to refresh one's memory.

It is a great and noble effort to get the likes of Lionel Messi, David Villa and the rest of the Barcelona players to the country. It will certainly be a treat for football lovers in the country.

However, it's only right if the hosts are being told their guests are visiting them in advance. But being gracious hosts, we will welcome anyone with arms wide open at all times.

HD says: It's always best to follow the book.


  1. Dear Haresh,
    This matter was discussed in detail when Sports Act were drafted (Dato Paul Mony discussed and advise our 1st Sport Commissioner at that time). As for football matches there is no such thing of other body can give the sanction except FAM as per FIFA rules. If this is violated the the match can be considered as illegal.

  2. Classic example of putting the cart before the horse

  3. I just got the feeling someone in Kelana Jaya House are trying to be 'drama king' here and he'll be the hero eventually...



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