Lahad Datu: The Wh questions

“We have decided to die in Lahad Datu’
“We have decided to die in Lahad Datu’
lahaddatu-ketibaanjenazahsubangAre our waters easily penetrable by hundreds of armed men?

Why did the government choose to keep mum over the issue?

Why are the Media downplaying the episode?

Why was ample time given to the 'intruders'?

While we continue to seek the answers, here are some reports of the standoff in Lahad Datu.

We lost good men, as seen here and here.

'We have decided to die in Lahad Datu', as reported by FMT.

PM Najib Razak gives full mandate to police and army, as published in NST.

"I have to make this clear because there have been announcements of a curfew in social websites and blogs. I am in charge of issuing the order for a curfew, but I have not issued any order following yesterday's incident," he said.
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Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin today slammed Parti Keadilan Rakyat vice-president Tian Chua as "irresponsible" after the latter accused Umno of a conspiracy to scare the people by creating the stand-off in Lahad Datu, Sabah, as seen here.

Here's the chronology of events as published by The Star.

Here's a history of the Sulu Sultanate while there is a Facebook page dedicated to the Sulu Royal family.

Footprint travel guides describes Lahad Datu as Malaysia's 'wild East' at its wildest.

Lonely Planet, meanwhile, says  This area of eastern Sabah is known for its pirates, who eschew Johnny Depp romanticism in favour of speedboats and machine guns.

And here are the words of The Malay Mail's Editor-at-Large Frankie D'Cruz;

HD says: Praying for this to end soon.


  1. I heard news that 3 lorry loads of food was sent to the uninvited guests. Can you verify


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