Rising cost of living - even in smaller towns

Spent a day in Bentong and Raub yesterday. This is what I had observed:

A plate of nasi lemak with wild boar curry: RM 4.80

A bowl of wonton noodles: RM4.30

A brand new house near Taman Sentosa: RM350,000

A not so new shop house slightly outside Raub town: RM800,000

Those in Taiping claim prices of property there has escalated as a new three room apartment costs some RM300,000 while a double-storey house is priced at about RM500,000.

Those I spoke to agreed many city folks are investing into properties in such places, thus suggesting money is coming outside these small towns instead of within.

Now the question is - what about the locals?

HD says: And to think the cost of living in smaller towns are cheaper....


  1. More and more money (and land) invested in real estate instead of food production; either through public or private funds.

    Remember what happen to the price of onion when India was hit with a major drought? Or what happen to the price of rice at that time when Thailand was hit by a major flood?

    In fact, sugar cane which is relatively easy to plant, was being ignored. They still prefer to import sugar instead.

    Ever wonder why chicken is expensive in Kuantan even when the poultry business is big there? Because over there, the industry is to cater singapore market. The same goes to vegetables in Genting and Cameron. More profit maaa...

    Cannot blame these people; GLC also investing big money overseas what...

    This (expensive food + expensive real estate) is what you get.

    And yet, when you oppose REIT, people tell you to go into politics.

    I may be mistaken, but name me one economic superpower that is not self sustaining when it comes to local food production.

    HD, now you know what makes India and China, Asia new superpower.



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