Legal trouble? Consult the Bar Council

A motorcyclist claims he was knocked down by a drunk driver.

Due to the unfortunate incident, the victim is left with one leg shorter than the other.

Two years have passed since the accident.

"My lawyer said I will only get about RM12,000 to RM15,000 tops if it goes for trial," the victim claims.

How much is the lawyer's legal fees?

"I don't know."

Do you know the lawyer?

"Not really."

Have you done a background check on your lawyer?

"No. He was recommended by a friend."

For the record, the victim now sells burgers by the roadside.

We do hear of such cases often and that most parties are left in the lurch for their simple ignorance of asking the right questions when dealing with lawyers.

There are honest lawyers out there who will not take advantage of their clients and give them an honest assessment of their case.

A good lawyer will give you the break down of their legal fees, their evaluation of the whole case but it must be kept in mind that lawyers cannot predict a possible verdict for every case is different in nature.

However, not all legal eagles fall into such a category.

When in doubt, always check with the Bar Council of Malaysia. And if you feel the need to lodge a complaint against the lawyer, contact the Complaints and Intervention Department.

As for the burger seller, I hope justice will prevail.

HD says: The 67th Annual General Meeting of the Malaysian Bar (2012/2013) will be held on March 16, 2013 at Renaissance Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.


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