Imagine you are an athlete.

You spend at least eight hours a day training. You train to be among the best and to win tournaments.

You may obtain money either from sponsorships or from monthly funding by a particular organisation. You may not be as lucky as your more popular counterparts who earn millions just by endorsing brands.

You have a family to feed. But you don't complain. Nevertheless, you do hope the money you earn from competitions will enable you to take your wife for a nice dinner or buy your child a cool toy as a gift.

So you compete in this tournament, drop dead confident of bagging the main prize.

You slug it out with some of the best in the scene and after a good fight you emerge victorious. The spotlight is on you and you make headlines - all for the right reasons.

 Suddenly you are told that you are unable to receive the prize money that you deserve simply because the organisers have not obtained 'funding' from a third party. You wait, you wait and you still wait.

You ask yourself why must the organiser wait for funding from a third party to give you the prize you deserve. You would point out that if the organiser have no funds to begin with, why did they organise such an event?

You question the relevance of the third party as you are a participant and your direct link is with the organiser and no one else. What transpires between the organiser and the third party is a separate matter altogether.

You go home every day only to look at the dejected faces of your wife and your child. Your wife still waits for that much anticipated romantic dinner while your child patiently hopes for that gift you promised.

You wait. And you then wonder to who will fight your cause for you are being left in the lurch, having to wait for something that should have been paid to you a long time ago.

It is your money.

Imagine if this happened to you. What would you do?

HD says: Listening to John Lennon's classic Imagine....


  1. Promise is a promise.. Never break a promise. Get a lawyer and sue the fellas.


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