Positive, positive, positive

“Anyhow, even if we do not win, we still have to be positive."

Why so negative K.Rajagobal?

The quote, as published by Sports247, indeed raised eyebrows for why would a national coach admit defeat, to a certain extent, even before the match begins?

Malaysia host Yemen in the 2015 Asian Cup qualifiers,a match that could seriously go either way. In fact, the Harimau Malaya squad could have the upper hand playing in their own den.

However, Rajagobal is pressured to obtain results. He needs to pacify the fans and certain quarters who are beginning to chart the former international's exit from the national set up.

It must be made clear - that the quote above aside - Rajagobal's ultimatum is qualifying for the Asian Cup and the qualifying rounds have only entered into its second match.

There are those who continue to question the selection of players and the tactics employed by Rajagobal and his coaching staff. It is only natural for coaches to select players that fit their tactics and criteria.

There have also been accusations that Rajagobal finds it difficult to handle 'seasoned players' and as such will only call up the same bulk of players he has tested over the years. That is a question only Rajagobal can answer.

Are our players indeed that bad? Are our standards really poor compared to most teams that we have played in the past?

Have we given the national team enough time to prove their worthiness? Should Rajagobal be constantly judged even before his final test?

Perhaps we should all remain a little more positive and hope positivity will earn Malaysia that three valuable points at the Shah Alam Stadium tonight (kick off 8.45pm).

HD says:


  1. How positive one can be if they are still losing?

    When intensity increases, focus is the keyword. Just being positive alone and not able to dictate(mental skills) and overcome the situation with proper technique must be given the top priority when discussing game plan.

    The ability to display a high level of understanding, coordination and combination play must be demanded at all time. Having fast and physically strong players will not do the job when not blended well with mental skills.(coaching points involving defending & attacking principals must be stressed seriously)

    Under what circumstances are we going get defeated? can we still walk with our heads high after that? the type of performance needed to justify it.? These are the important questions the players and coaches must ask and provide the answers with their display & performance.

    How do we portray a positive outlook?
    Right decision and action by a individual will lead to positive outlook besides just using the word.

    3-4-3 formation must be demanded from harimau Malaya to win and to stand a chance to progress further.

    Pls not the same old reasons and stories afterwards!!

  2. RG has his back against a wall. Fans knew it for a long time now.

    He just realised it.

    What I'm trying to say is - Rajagopal, in your face!



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