Stop whining Rajagobal, says Tengku Abdullah

National head coach Datuk K. Rajagobal (pic) must be wise enough to use the resources available at his disposal to strengthen the national squad instead of complaining.

FA of Malaysia deputy president Tengku Abdullah Ahamd Shah, who was quoted by Bernama in the same report, said;

"The players available for his selection are still the same ones even though imported players have been allowed to play in the M-League.

"As for the lack of quality players, it is his own assumption, because even before the import players were here, the same players had won the AFF Suzuki Cup."

However, the latest twist is that certain parties are trying to corner Rajagobal through FAM's infamous Article 88.

They claim Rajagobal's latest apparent 'outburst' will land him into trouble.

Really? Perhaps it is best to get Rajagobal's true intentions instead of presuming.

HD says: Oh boy...


  1. There goes Rajagopal's career as national team coach kalau big boss dah cakap macam tu...

    Pak Nik

  2. Article double standard plsssssss.....


  3. Dear Rajagopal,

    1.In Thailand (and other Asean countries) football league, they use 4 imports per team. Is Thailand doing worst than Malaysia?

    2.Due to foreign strikers in MSL, our defend must be above average. Or is it?

    RG logic, anyone?


  4. Lame excuses...pls dig back what he said when the team was winning!!!??? It's your job too to develop a player who can be a match winner. Big salary but stay in the office instead of scouting around. I think Datuk RG, you, and your assistants of Tan Cheng Ho and Fouzi Mouklas can start finding your way with another out-fit. Perhaps Pos Malaysia or NS Betaria


  5. Football Fan BuddiMarch 21, 2013 at 7:41 PM

    Rajagopal's comments cannot be taken as challenging FAM policy. I believe that his point was that our local strikers in the M-league are not getting enough play time as the M-League coaches prefer to play their foreign strikers as their mission is only to win matches. Even if the Coaches use local strikers, again their mission is only to win matches. They have no time to develop local strikers (for national team) as they have to win matches for survival.So, ultimately, it is up to the individual players to work hard and to prove that they are capable of outshining the foreign players to claim a first team spot. On the other hand, if they dont get regular games, how are they to improve?
    I guess this is the puzzle for the M-league coaches to solve.
    BTW, Raja have to really improve our national team defence or rather the defenders have to ensure that they play their best Friday v Yemen.

    1. Which national player was sidelined in a club/state team due to a playing foreign import?

      Was it Mat Yo or Safee?

      Azzamudin and Khairyl Muhaimeen are strikers (in Pahang and Kedah respectively).

      Do you even watch MSL matches?

      The questions is, Malaysia was not scoring much goal since World Cup qualification; hence, why keep on using 4-4-2?



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