'Mat Rempits' M-League; Media 'used as a tool'

It was certainly an interesting day in the world of Twitter.

Comments and statements made had tickled some, infuriated many and left others wondering if people actually knew what they were talking about.

There are those who strongly believe that national coach K.Rajagobal could be staring at a pre-mature exit based on the current turn of events. As he will be hauled up by the Disciplinary Board for allegedly violating Article 88 of the FA of Malaysia's (FAM) Statute, it has been seen as the easy way for the national body to cut ties with the former international.

FAM general secretary Azzuddin Ahmad was quoted as saying;
“There may be a plot to remove Rajagopal and the media might have been used as a tool towards this end.

Which media organisation 'might' have been used as a tool? A tool for who? Who are those involved in "a plot to remove Rajagobal"?

Any person who strongly believe that removing Rajagobal through Article 88 would do the trick is certainly wrong as this would result in a further backlash to the national body.

If Rajagobal was hauled up by the National Team committee for the performance of the national team, then it would have been a different story altogether.

And then we have a journalist saying;

I beg to differ.

Later, the same journalist said this;

This I agree.

HD says: Oh well, have a Happy Easter tomorrow.


  1. And journalists are God's gift to mankind........Have a blessed Easter.

  2. HD, please tell the above journalist (Citizen Nades), I do care about M-League and I'm not Mat Rempits and I am an Investment Banker.

    Pak Nik

    1. Hanya di sebabkan perkataan Mat Rempit habis penyokong Liga Malaysia melompat. Kalau Manchester United, Chelsea datang tiket mahal pun sanggup beli, tapi Liga Malaysia tiket RM 12 stadium setakat 20,000 je sekarang ni, macam Citizen Nades sebut dulu Selangor 40,000 di Stadium Merdeka je.. Hei...Hei...

      p/s Fikir antara ayat bukan fikir satu perkataan.

    2. Sebab memikirkan "antara ayat lah yg membuatkan orang melompat". Rasanya Citizen Nades adalah orang yang bijaksana yang mampu memikirkan ayat lain yang lebih sesuai untuk menggambarkan apa yang ingin beliau luahkan, tanpa perlu menyamakan penonton Liga Malaysia dengan Mat Rempit atau sesiapa pun. Namun apa yang saya rasa itu rupanya salah. Beliau sebenarnya dangkal akal. Lebih dungu daripada tiang gol.

  3. On different note,Rajagopal did actually commented on FAM's policy matter - i.e. lack of good strikers because of flooding of imported players which I think dosn't make sense at all. Most (if not all European League) allows imported players.

    Pak Nik

  4. HD,

    Harap semak kerana saya tidak dapat sahkan semasa menonton astro tadi :

    1.TMJ dikatakan menyaksikan perlawanan JDT vs Terengganu tadi dari bangku simpanan walaupun penggantungan baginda dari aktiviti bola anjuran FAM telah pun bermula.

    2.Lampu limpah Stadium Larkin pada 30 minit pertama perlawanan dikatakan kurang dari 1000 lux (berdasarkan bayang-bayang pemain didalam padang).


  5. Saudara, ada banyak faktor kenapa stadium semakin kurang. Faktor MU dan lain-lain adalah novelty yg jarang berlaku. Terdapat banyak faktor lain yg menyebabkan kurang penonton di std. Persaingan drpd sumber hiburan lain di hujung minggu seperti Astro, karaoke, amusement park, internet, cyber cafe, judi haram, dll menjadi saingan utama untuk menarik penonton ke std. Jika saudara buka sedikit minda dan lihat beyond EPL, liga antarabangsa lain juga menghadapi masalah yang hampir serupa. AC Milan, Barcelona, Real Mdrid, Bayern Munich dan team lain yg kuata di liga masing2, tidak ada masalah penonton. Team di Malaysia pun hampir sama spt Kelantan dan JDT. Tapi pasukan di pertengahan liga dan ke bawah mungkin sedikit struggle untuk memenuhkan stadium.

  6. Citizen Nades...I've Masters in Communication, I'm no Mat Rempit and I do follow local footbal esp. my team The Red Wariors and the national team too. I'm proud of doing so even tho' LFC still no 1 in the heart. Stop being racist!! Without 'garbage writer' like you also, the local league can survive and thanks to peole like HD and the rest because they know how to value it. Who the 'h***' are you anyway???


  7. Why not FAM or home team announce the official attendance at the respective matches at every league match? This would give a true picture of the state of the league as far as the attendance is concerned.
    Then we can take it from there.


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