Rajagobal, pemain Selangor bakal dihadapkan ke Jawatankuasa Tatatertib

UPDATE 5.50pm: Adakah jurulatih Harimau Muda Ong Kim Swee juga akan dihadapkan ke Jawatankuasa Tatatertib kerana melanggar Artikel 88 apabila berkata;

Tewas 1-7 kepada Georgia U21 memberi banyak petunjuk tentang kekuatan dan kelemahan secara realitinya pasukan HM A di kancah Eropah.

Pemain yang sedia ada masih belum dapat mengadaptasi pentas antarabangsa terutamanya posisi yang ditinggalkan oleh pemain pemain utama.

...melalui laman Twitter-nya? Baca selebihnya di akhbar The Malay Mail hari ini.

"Kita mempunyai merit untuk menghantar surat pertuduhan kepada beliau (jurulatih negara K.Rajagobal) kerana melanggar Artikel 88 selain turut meneliti laporan beberapa akhbar tempatan mengenai kenyataan beliau."

Berikut merupakan  kata-kata Pengerusi Jawatankuasa Tatatertib Persatuan Bola Sepak Malaysia (FAM) Taufik Abdul Razak, seperti dilaporkan oleh Bernama.

Rajagobal dikatakan "mengkritik" mutu pemain-pemain tempatan dalam Liga-M apabila Malaysia kalah 4-1 kepada Arab Saudi dalam satu perlawanan persahabatan minggu lepas.

Bekas jurulatih negara B.Satianathan juga pernah mengalami situasi yang sama melalui kata-katanya "M-League is not football".

Jawatankuasa yang sama juga mengesahkan bahawa beberapa pemain Selangor yang terlibat dalam insiden pergaduhan dengan pemain Angkatan Tentera Malaysia (ATM) pada aksi pusingan pertama Piala FA di Stadium Shah Alam, 25 Jan lepas bakal dikenakan tindakan disiplin.

HD kata: Agaknya jurulatih, pemain dan pegawai akan mula berdiam diri daripada membuat sebarang kenyataan kepada pihak media.


  1. Aren't we sick and tired of our nation footballing scenario yet???
    Soon to reach the 3rd decade, but we are still lost in the "wilderness."
    Malaysia ranked at 164 currently should be good enough to give the impression how miserable we are and can be.

    Can we honestly hope one day we can come out of the slump we are in?? Or are we just want to have the feel good feeling and pretend that everything is ok and give ourselves awards and so forth.(AFF Awards).

    Sadly none are "realist" at the helm for a very long time now, which caused us the declining of pride and standard of footballing.
    Thus far there seems to be nobody out there who can bring hope and direction when comes to charting the future of our football.

    Very very sadly, these are the kind of people we called nation builders and received all kind of awards(state & national).

    HSKML says; Happy self awarding!!

  2. Rajagobal dikatakan "mengkritik" mutu pemain-pemain tempatan dalam Liga-M apabila Malaysia kalah 4-1 kepada Arab Saudi dalam satu perlawanan persahabatan minggu lepas.

    As a coach, he cannot criticize his player, issit?

    How weird.

  3. Goodness gracious
    Who else are we not accusing about breaching Artikel 88

    Seem like the base line is dun say anything at all

  4. To Mrs Critical Thinking, Rajagobal may be charged not becox he criticized his own player. He actually criticize FAM for bringing back the foreign players in M League which is a policy matter!!

    Pak Nik

  5. Football Fan BuddiMarch 28, 2013 at 9:00 PM

    FAM is only seen to be enforcing Art.88. For a national association, FAM is not seen to be developing football at all, eg. banning club sides from playing in Presidents Cup.
    Everybody is criticising FAM for various reasons but FAM is not responding positively.
    Seems like we can do away with the post match press conferences as Coaches/officials will not speak the truth for fear of Art.88!

  6. HD, I dont think OKS violate FAM's rule with that statements!!

    Pak Nik

  7. Bro HD,

    FAM must outlaw Article 88 ! FAM must know that they cannot associate (Football Association of Malaysia)if they want everyone to remain dumb !

    If they insist with it

    Better they change depa punya nama to DFAM....Dumb Football Association of Malaysia !!!!!

    Next time they organise games....better give away free plasters (with Art.88 printed)to players, coaches,officials and fans.
    We will plaster our mouths, will not say anything good , bad or ugly about DFAM.

    We lost 7-1 to Georgia in freezing conditions ? Our team is preparing for the Myanmar Games and other future regional games/tournaments.Can someone tell me why did FAM arrange preparatory matches (5 months) in such locations/temperatures when these boys are going to play most of their matches in Asean and Asian countries. Me thinks basing them in Middle East countries would have been a better choice.

    Please FAM don't hunt me down to apply the much maligned Article 88 on me....I want none of it.

    I am just an ordinary football fan since Malaysia qualified for Munich as well as our bronze in the Teheran Asian Games.

    And Middle East soccer has always done very well these past 2 or 3 decades.

    Please FAM take note......I removed the plaster to brush my teeth and accidentally blurted out the above thoughts.....minta maaf ye !!! Please don't fine me...you know what,I just sold all my collections of our famous soccer mementos belonging to the 70's and 80's era !!!

    Peminat SukanJB.


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