Selangor replaces Ramez Dayoub

And it was done very quickly indeed.

Selangor coach Irfan Bakti's words during the Malaysian Football Monthly, hosted by Ross Yusoff, certainly caught Astro Arena's Dez Corkhill, professional player Stanley Samuel and I by surprise.

"Well at the moment we have another two foriegners with us and I heard there is a clause on this factor that we can register a new player to replace Ramez and at this moment we have Peter Chrappan from Slovakia and I hope tomorrow (today) morning we will receive the clearance from FAM and he will be able to play tomorrow (today)," said Irfan.

Listen to the conversation here.

What clause I wonder?

That aside, can someone explain the April transfer window?

Apparently players who are serving contracts but decide to mutually terminate the contracts with their employees are not allowed to play for another team when the window opens. Instead, it is strictly for players who do not have any on-going contracts with any M-League teams.


However, there are talks of Darul Takzim's Azmi Muslim who will be transferred to Premier League outfit Johor FA when the window opens. Will certainly keep a close eye to see if this happens.

HD says: Hmm....


  1. Darul Takzim FC kan..kalau dia nak letak14 import sekalipun, FAM akan benarkan...tapi lga malaysa ni memang pelik laaaa.undang undang lanun..Pak Abu Hensem

  2. Selangor can? Of course can! FAS & FAM . Same what.This Ramez Dayoub affair is a lesson to all. You cannot sign foreign players without knowing their background. You also cannot question the decision of the Lebanese FA. They would have investigated well before invoking a Life ban! Just like FAM, Lebanon too have their rules.
    Well, just cant imagine what went on with Selangor last season.Only the Coach/players/officials will know!

  3. Memang nak tahu, betul ke ada peruntukan yang membolehkan pengganti Ramesh Dayoub bermain.

    Menarik juga kes Azmi Muslim. Maknanya juga, sesiapa yang ada duit, boleh tarik mana-mana player dari Liga Perdana ke Liga Super; vice versa.

    Yang lebih menarik, dalam Liga Super, pasukan yang atas-atas adalah pasukan yang perancangan perpindahannya tidak terganggu. Manakala pasukan yang bawah-bawah mengalami perpindahan tak diduga. Kebetulan ke?

    Adakah ini membantu meningkatkan taraf liga kita? Saya rasa tidak.



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