Chong Wei plays bridesmaid

China's top player Chen Long had a good day in Birmingham after defeating world No 1 Lee Chong Wei 21-17, 21-18 in the All-England men's singles final that ended minutes ago.

Chong Wei had a rough start in the first set as he was at one time trailing 7-0. Chong Wei was also a pale shadow of his true self in the second half despite putting up a better performance compared to the first set.

Both players have met 13 times to date with Chong Wei still having the advantage of winning seven of their previous matches since the 2009 India Open.

This could very well be Chong Wei's last All-England outing as the younger elite players take over the scene.

HD says: No hat-trick for Chong Wei.


  1. It's okay la Datuk Lee. You have won the All England twice and being in the finals couple of times. Go and catch the bigger thing like the World Champiosnhip...then you can go back and sleep nicely beside Datin Wong. Don't bother about BAM and your replacement. That's not your duty anyway...Let Nazmi, Kenny, Chin Chai and the rest,including the Patron to concern about the other players and the standard of Malaysian badminton. By the way the so-called top pair can be called as Beregu Warga Emas already...Koo-Tan, better hang your racquet la...or go and play socially outside there...


  2. Bro HD,

    LCW was not his usual self last nite.He appeared a spent force mid way the second set.He ran shot of armory to combat his opponent.Now China has 2 players to snare LCW.
    And now LCW has 5 things to contend with mentally every time he steps onto the court.
    1.Lin Dan. 2.Chen Hong. 3.His wife. 4. His Baby
    5.His No 1 status.
    Bro, this just concluded All England has sprung lots of surprises.Many new faces with lots of promises are emerging from countries like Thailand, Taiwan,Japan,India.A case to point was the ladies singles semi finals where mighty China had no reps.It appears that Thailand and Taiwan are much ahead of us in letting loose their talents and reaping good returns.
    But sadly, BAM seem to be sitting on their lame bums for far too long.They sound like workshop operators.Suddenly, the team manager seems to have found the knack in identifying the major weakness of our top doubles pair (physical) in London.
    But, some while ago someone in BAM told us the top doubles pair lacked mental strength.Now, mental or physical or both ? Then it was coaches. After that, motivation talks.While BAM are molly-coddling this condemned engine, other doubles pairs have left us far behind.Now Japan,Taiwan,Thailand can end our Thomas/Uber Cup as well as Asian Games campaigns.Korea,Denmark and China are far too ahead of us.
    BAM can continue operating like lords on our youngsters.They can come with all kinds of excuses to enjoy taxpayers money.They can continue to take bagful of excessive linen to all tournaments.Very soon they will be gloating if any of our players win or reach the Dutch,French,Swiss Opens...never mind the Big Ones...janji ada substandard results.
    Hope they don't recommend another workshop for LCW following his latest loss.

    Peminat Sukan JB.

    1. Bro Haresh,
      I agree with Peminat Sukan. About time BAM look for someone who cakap kurang buat lebih. This Coaching chairman does all the talking, so coaches tak perlu cakap lah

  3. Ada new player ka in the Super Series?? Chen Hong?? From where? What ranking? Or the ranking important or not??


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