How long is too long?

Winds of change swept through the Malaysian Gymnastics Federation (MGF) as its President Professor Datuk Dr Zakaria Ahmad decided not to seek re-election after helming MGF for 35 years.

That was the first paragraph of a Bernama report.

35 years is a really long time. That's more than three decades. Music evolved from rock and roll to disco and now dance.

The country has seen four Prime Ministers since - Hussein Onn, Dr Mahathir Mohammad, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and Najib Razak.

Is it right for a person to hold on to his seat for that long?

Or why not since he or she has been obtaining the mandate of the members?

How long is too long?

But the more important question is - will the person be able to elevate the sport further during his tenure?

HD says: Oh well...


  1. I just become President only, how to make difference? Must wait la and give me chance. Ask me again after 15 yers la ok

  2. Sometimes it does not matter how long one stays to serve, but if you are like the BAM president and his lieutenants who are there to be served, even one year can be too long. The longer these guys stay, the worse for our badminton.

    Just look at how our badminton going down the drain. There is nothing to show in the 6 tournaments in Europe for the last one month, even small tournaments where our players were top seeds.

    If not for Datuk Lee Chong Wei, there is nothing BAM can be proud of, spending millions of dollars of tax payers' money without any achievement.

    Recent record shows that there were
    - No world junior champion
    - No Asian junior champion
    - No Asia Games champion
    - Not even Thomas or Uber cup semi finals
    - No Olympic gold medal
    - No world champion
    - Not even much to show in low level events
    - AND when our occasional wins are like winning the lottery...with much luck
    - Can't even hire a coaching director in 3 years!
    - AND now the target is just to qualify for, not to win in, the coming World Championships!!! How sad!!!

    The writing on the wall is so clear. Malaysia can never win her first Olympic gold with the present leadership.

    Someone more capable better get these guys out quick before badminton surely becomes another has been sport for Malaysians.

  3. 6 Olympics and 200,000 cash a year for 20 years long enough for you?

  4. he is not the only one, there are other as well but quiet


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