Is Barcelona coming?

Or not?

The Star's Eric Samuel - a respected journo in football - had revealed in an exclusive on Thursday that Barcelona are set to visit Malaysia in August.

The FA of Malaysia, however, seemed clueless about the Spanish giants heading to our shores as reported by Bernama.

While the arrival of Lionel Messi and David Villa to Malaysia is unclear, Chelsea have confirmed their pre-season Asia Tour dates which will include a match against the Malaysian Selection on July 21 at the Shah Alam Stadium.


HD says: Would love to see Barcelona in Malaysia....


  1. HD, gud to have this Catalan Giants on our shore for a change..fed-up of having BPL Teams yang actually came in with bunch of youngsters then 'BERLAGAK SOMBONG' (their fans included) as if they have won so many cups!!!! Wish it will come true.


  2. "Obviously, it is another circus round for the Malaysians"

    What can we say and do then to just enjoy the performance of a team who just when into their second month of holidaying around the world with beautiful girls and bellyful of food with jogging pace performance.?

    We must ask DRG for his expert views and we can be reassured of the same phrase; great team, great opportunity and the highest standard.
    As for the Malaysian team, what else can we expect from them besides just playing football and not knowing how to play it like they always do.

    At the end of the circus during post-match pc we can all watch and listen to their prevailing mental skills and analysis.

    Wonder what joke is going to come out of "BOLA MAMAK" and the so called football pundits?

    Pls give the Mlaysian people a breaklah!!


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