A crying shame

A picture of our national divers sleeping on the floor at the New York airport was uploaded by London Olympic bronze medalist Pandelela Rinong.

Would you ever see a picture of an official sleeping on the floor?

As SS Dhaliwal wrote, Is this how we treat our athletes?

HD says: Sigh!


  1. Was it a failure to plan?
    Who actually handles the flight planning?
    How are we to inspire our future athletes to become Olympians when we treat our current like these?
    You are right on the official part?

    time and time again we read about these kind of stories but after a while it is forgotten? Hopefully the Sports Minister actually takes a hands on approach to stop this kind of embarrassing episodes from happening

  2. This is the responsibility of the team officials accompanying the athletes to make sure that this does not happen. Of course the team officials will blame people back home and say that all the flight arrangements were "decided" by someone else. If they are responsible team official, they should already know about all the flight details, including a 8 hours stop over. Either they don't care, or for them it is very good to go for sightseeing or shopping and let the athletes suffer at the airport. They can arrange with their travel agent for at least a proper room to rest, either paid (included in the cost) or ask whatever airline they are flying to provide this arrangement (easier if they fly one airline all the way). These officials have traveled all over the world and they should have been more proactive that this shameful episode did not occur.

    Finally name and shame all those involved especially those officials accompanying the divers and I hope Pandalela would be punished for this.

  3. MSN & ASUM will call up Pandelela and warn her about tweeting pictures. Then both the organisations will blame the divers for not informing them......But thank god it was Pandelela or they would have banned her! As for the both the leaders ...they'll continue their "leadership" !


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