PJ Stadium thrashed!

Dirty walls, broken facilities, muddy fields and loads of rubbish.

That best described the Petaling Jaya Stadium in Kelana Jaya right after it hosted the Black 505 rally on Wednesday.

The Malay Mail visited the stadium yesterday after receiving numerous phone calls regarding the poor conditions there as the stadium is scheduled to host the Super League match between Felda United and Armed Forces tomorrow (4.45pm).

Read the full report in The Malay Mail.

While there are some pictures posted on Facebook of people cleaning up after the Black 505 participants - such pictures, just like the many comments that is going viral on social media, cannot be verified at this point of time.

 Sadly, the same is also seen at other stadiums after a major football match or a carnival.

Political affiliation aside, it looks like Malaysians are united when it comes to throwing rubbish all over the place!

HD says: These same people will then post pictures of their trip to Old Trafford and say how clean and beautiful the stadium is. Like duh!


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