What about Dr Ramlan?

UPDATE May 22: Dr Ramlan likely to remain as sports advisor as published in Mailsport.


He was the former National Sports Council director general. He went on to lead the National Sports Institute before he was asked to play advisor to Sports Minister Ahmad Shabery Cheek.

So will Dr Ramlan Aziz continue to serve in that position? Or will he just concentrate on being the Anti doping Agency Malaysia chief?

While some continue to criticise his management skills, Ramlan is a known figure in the local sporting scene and enjoys good rapport with most of the national athletes.

Ramlan is also among the very few senior officials within the Youth and Sports Ministry with an impressive academic background and resume. He has logical ideas.

It will be a shame if Ramlan is restricted to just Adamas alone for he certainly has plenty more to offer.

To those unware of Ramlan's exit from the Natioanl Sports Institute, read Another coup d'etat? and Ramlan saga - Part 3.

Ramlan aside, the Youth and Sports Ministry needs to distant itself from the very many little Napoleans within.

HD says: Doc, we should just go for jamming and later have some banana leaf. More satisfying...


  1. Do you think he will make a comeback as the CEO of ISN?


  2. People are already sweating...post election 2008...when rumours were flying that KJ would be the Sports Minister...there were claims that KJ and the good Dr. were cousins..... Hope what they say about karma is true...Karma has got a funny way of biting u where the sun doesn't shine...

  3. crony then...do you support such act??

  4. Anon 4.20...Why do you think Dr. Ramlan was moved out....the Terengganu connection & the old con masquerading as a consultant in KPM! If Dr. Ramlan is appointed it will not bcos of cronyism but he is among the best suited for the job!

  5. Thak's for your information !

  6. thnk's for your information !

  7. I like it and thank's for your information . .


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