The 2013 Sudirman Cup will be remembered for the wrong reason.

As Malaysia play host, the national shuttlers simply failed in their quest after losing 3-2 to Germany in the second group stage match en route to being smashed out of the tournament.

The national team had lost 3-2 to Taiwan on Sunday.

New Youth and Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin was clearly irked with the performance of the team as he  tweeted: "...BAM you are in a crisis" right after Malaysia lost the match at the Putra Stadium in Bukit Jalil.

The result comes at a bad timing for the BA of Malaysia (BAM) who are already struggling to justify its presence in the Badminton Asian Confederation (BAC) in the form of Nadzmi Salleh who now heads both BAM and BAC.

Many continue to lambast the national association for its failure to address the common issues at home - most importantly the poor standards of play adopted by the national shuttlers - but prefers to head regional and world bodies instead. Nadzmi was earlier in the running for the Badminton World Federation (BWF) presidency post but later pulled out.

Nevertheless, why blame the very many BAM officials who do not sweat it out on the courts?

The athletes too should shoulder the blame and they know it for a fact. This is evident after men's doubles pair Koo Kean Keat-Tan Boon Heong and mixed doubles duo Chan Peng Soon-Goh Liu Ying admitted they had only themselves to blame for their poor outings.

Kean Keat and Boon Heong failed in their opening act against Taiwan, losing to a world No 26 pair while Peng Soon and Liu Ying suffered a rude shock after they were edged in the first match against Germany.

To expect a string of world champions is shallow but there needs to be a concerted effort to ensure the national players are at par, if not better than their arch rivals. Losing to minnows like Taiwan and Germany is a poor reflection of the team's performance.

Money - and plenty of it - is being spent on the national team. A bulk of it come from the Youth and Sports Ministry through its funding arm the National Sports Council while the sport enjoys commercial success through sponsorships from corporate bodies. Such poor results will not augur well for the sport and will certainly devalue the sport.

More importantly, enough of tax payers money have been spent on our shuttlers who have been providing mediocre results. We were humiliated at home and it is time for the powers-that-be wake up from their slumber and realise the money should be better spent elsewhere.

HD says: Would prefer tax payers money being spent on repairing potholes on major roads in KL and PJ instead of wasting them on badminton players who crash out pre-maturely in major tournaments.


  1. Will someone from BAM take responsibility for this pathetic result and resign?
    Not only that, I agreed that the players need to be held accountable as well. Some of them should be sacked!


  2. lain kali kalu nak amik player biar la kurus,jgn berisi sgt,(perseorgn wanita) dan fitness mesti la 120%

    bagi haku sonia cheah lagi bgus....adoi
    haku x paham kenapa badminton malaysia susah nak lahirkn bintng2 muda....makan gaji buta ker?????

  3. Haraf YB menteri sukan baru jangan setakat minta penjelasan dari pegawai BAM. Minta nereka undur dulu baru bolih lakukan post mortem dengan 'free hand'

  4. Bro HD,

    You wrote "......losing to minnows like Taiwan, Germany is a poor reflection......

    Taiwan, Germany, India,Thailand are no longer minnows. It is Malaysia who is fast diving into abyss.We appear to be a heading into joining the real minnows of badminton.And quite fast at that.
    Last nite,our ladies singles player had defeat written all over her face within the initial exchanges of play. Poor girl was rattled, confused, startled and gave up rather meekly...can't see anything like Mew Choo in
    Let's wait what the powerful sounding CNT is gonna say about our hard earned CENTs wasting away again
    .Maybe they will say the poor girl needs to be sent to a slimming centre ! No disrespect to the poor girl...but with clownish people running the roost...such excuses will not surprise us la bro !
    Peminat Sukan JB

  5. Player gemuk. Apa isn buat?

  6. Jepun skrg pun kuat


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