KJ new Youth and Sports Minister

The tech-savvy Khairy Jamaluddin (pic) has been appointed as the Youth and Sports Minister. The announcement was made by Prime Minister Najib Razak minutes ago.

Khairy, the Rembau MP who is also the Umno Youth chief, has been associated to the portfolio as he has always been seen as the fresh face representing the Malaysian youth. He also has plenty of experience in the sports scene - mainly football - having formed UPB-MyTeam before becoming the FA of Malaysia deputy president.

Naturally, Khairy will be expected to make plenty of changes especially within the ministry. He is well aware of the problems faced but it remains to be seen if any drastic measures can or will be taken during his tenure to ensure the ministry is free from minnions and little Napoleons.

All the best KJ.

For the new cabinet line-up, visit here.

HD says: Brace yourself for a rough ride ahead bro.


  1. Oh so now it's bro la...HD says: Brace yourself for a rough ride ahead bro.

    Come on la HD all those banging years before you are no different than the rest if you want to get on his side

    Be a real man (cut your hair and throw that stupid bike first) and dont give a shit.

    Is easy for everyone to forget what nonsense he was up to when his father in law (not even he )was in power

    Please remember the directive to the papers not to bitch about him back in the day. Remember how you and RH was against it?

    But now? HD says: Brace yourself for a rough ride ahead bro.

    Enough la with c05ks%&$(&$g

    You have to start changing if you want to talk

    Like you message to MHC Walk the Talk

  2. The country needs Dr Ramlan and the Minister should re-think how KBS can use Dr Ramlan's expertise.


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