O' MHC, where art thou?

Don't the Malaysian Hockey Confederation (MHC) have 50-odd officials sitting in the executive board, council to the various committees?

Why only two showed up at the TNB Cup return leg semifinal between TNB and Maybank?

MHC isn’t all about meetings and blueprints or mixing with the “right crowd”. It is about knowing the players, watching them in action and providing solutions to the problems faced on the ground.

If the officials don’t care about Malaysian hockey and the league, what more the masses?

The officials can start becoming useful by helping the national hockey team book flight tickets online — having spent an excess of RM30,000 for the Under-16 national team’s flight tickets to Mannheim, Germany as exposed by the writer on Monday.

Those who have read law would know that not only must justice be done but it must also be seen to be done.

In the same context, here’s one for MHC officials — not only must you claim to occupy the seat, you should also come and sit on those seats.

'It's a bloody shame' as published in today's The Malay Mail.

HD says: Time for them to walk the talk.


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