Suddenly everyone wants to be KJ's friend

As published in The Malay Mail today.

Suddenly eveyone wants to be Khairy Jamaluddin's friend.

The Rembau MP and Umno Youth chief will now head the Youth and Sports Ministry — a ministry often believed to have plenty in its coffers.

After all, the ministry has been guilty of sending an entourage of officials for international tournaments – at times the officials outnumber the athletes. In 2006, the ministry spent RM22.4 million on professional services, celebrations and hospitality which earned a ticking off by the Auditor General.
There was also the purchase of two premier chalets in Port Dickson.

Some joke that just by slapping a 1Malaysia logo on a proposal, one would be able to obtain money from the ministry easily — may it be serving food during the very many meetings often chaired by little Napoleons or organising an event.

Many expect Khairy to do wonders, perhaps due to his past association with football.

He was part of the group that initiated UPB-MyTeam before becoming FA of Malaysia (FAM) deputy president in 2007. Khairy’s vision then was to encourage more clubs to be part of the M-League but he learnt it the hard way.

Financial constraints forced MyTeam to shut down while FAM is no place for a vocal leader like Khairy. He did not contest in the 2010 election after having only served one term.

Khairy needs time to settle in.

He is willing to listen, publicly asking the masses to share their ideas as per his video uploaded on Keek recently.

Some say Khairy needs to revamp FAM and abolish Article 88. Obviously, many are clearly ignorant that Fifa do not condone government interference.

And to think Harimau Malaya will break into the top 10 ranking during his tenure, oh please.
Malaysian sport is not all about football.

Khairy can start by ensuring national sports associations (NSAs) are not overly dependent on government funds. NSAs need to generate their own income.

Khairy should also follow through former minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Shabery Cheek’s Sports Industry notion. Allow the industries to be the main players while the ministry turn itself into a watchdog. This will also release the ministry from any monetary burden.

The Sports Commissioner’s Office and the Sports Development Act ought to be taken seriously.
Strengthen the relationship between the ministry and the Olympic Council of Malaysia.
Khairy needs to change the perception of youth about the government.

That is, after all, Khairy’s biggest challenge as Barisan Nasional tries to regain the faith of the younger generation ahead of the next general election.

The ministry is not exclusive to the sports community alone. It needs to engage with the masses. It is after all funded by taxpayers’ money.

Forget about the CON-sultants. Forget about grand and expensive ideas. It is best to return to the basics.

HD says: Will the same folks who were part of MyTeam will be part of the ministry too???


  1. Haahahaa.nice one

  2. Well, KJ can interfere with FAM, then FAM would be suspended by FIFA, negotiate till the presiden resigns and hopefully new era of malaysian football( good era).
    Pak Abu Hensem

  3. Yes...definately including you...Jason Lo...Azlan Iskandar...Who else..

  4. "KJ is a infant"

    Lets not assume that KJ is capable of doing the job at KBS - This time around, i, challenge him for a public sports debate - hahaha.
    We need to find out his true capabilities related to sports - dulu bapa mertua bagi opening dan platform, bolehlah. But now, pakai duit pembaayar cukai dan di kelilingi "Jaws darat"

    Spoon fed KJ, is simply a clown in a circus trying to tame the tigers - can a clown tame the tigers or get tamed by them? - lets wait and see.

    KJ, need to take a good look at the mirror before trying to stand-out like what he did during his bapa mertua's time - feel sorry for our 5th premier, he made life difficult for this great leader.

    HSKL says: Don't get carried away while being "cradled"

  5. Careful of this fella who might take advantage of the young minister.

    Just read the comments at the bottom.


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